A Great Day for America

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  1. The senate is bad for democrats, they probably won’t take it back in 2020. We don’t know if he will have another appointment because I can’t see any of the current members retiring soon.

    It was a surprise to you because you ignore facts and scoff at polls.

    You shouldn’t blindly support your party, partisan thinking is the worst, you should support your country first and then party.

    The rest is anecdotal and I don’t really care to address it since I don’t care who is in charge of what branches of government I just care about facts and the truth.
  2. I can scoff at the polls all I want. Polls are wrong and heavily sampled with the Democrat affiliation. Polls were wrong in 2016......Hillary by a landslide. Polls for the most part were wrong for this midterm.....blue wave.

    I just can’t understand why ANY voter would ever want to elect people that will only obstruct American progress. Yes Trump’s agenda has put us on the path of progress. For example the oil industry....with innovative thinking and repealing of regulations we have become the #1 producer of oil. How does one country go from dependence to independence in this short amount of time ? Fracking. It’s what Obama’s admin wouldn’t allow. His agenda was wind farms. We don’t have enough land to even build those to even come close to producing energy that we as a nation consumes.

    What about those jobs that the Democratic Party chases out of the country? The ones that were never supposed to come back came back. Steal industry is thriving again and creating jobs. What would be the benefit of electing more of the same party that chased industry out of America? It’s mind blowing and just completely stupid.

    Hey I could care less if you like Trump or not. I personally support everything he has done and wants to do. It’s a no brainer. I could give a flying flip if people hate his Twitter feed. How else are you going to hear his side when all but one channel lies about what he is trying to accomplish? CNN isn’t going to tell you what great things are happening to America everyday. Nobody had a problem with Obama’s Twitter account.

    I’m not going to be bipartisan when it comes to policy that is working. I struggled bad through the last administration policies. I almost lost everything. Now I have more money in my account. I’m not living paycheck to paycheck. I have Trump’s policies to thank for that. If you guys don’t like the extra money produced by Trump’s tax policies than don’t spend it....give it to me. I need it and will put it to good use. I have a big family.

    Letting the Dems control anything puts America right back in the hole. Ortize, that 29yr old bartender that is supposed to have a economic degree, is already chasing Amazon out of her home community by telling the state not to give Amazon tax incentives to build hq2 there. Great election win there....wouldn’t you agree ?

    Don’t tell me that everything antidotal and could care less what happens. The issues are important. Jobs are important. Money makes the world go around. When we shed more money than what we take in that’s a problem. When we make other countries rich above our country that’s a problem. When no other country pays their fair share that’s a problem. The first time in a decade American policy is making everyone else accountable.

    I like it

  3. Clinton lied under oath, didn’t leave office.
  4. Which one of the Clintons? There's like 3. All 3 lie.
  5. Nixon was the only president who actually would have been impeached and his crime was far worse than Clinton’s.

    Although Clinton and Johnson were actually impeached they were later acquitted by the senate, only Nixon’s impeachment had enough bipartisan support to get through Congress.
    A side note- of the past presidents Politifact rates
    Trump at 31% true 69% lie.
    Obama 74% true 26% lie.
    Bush 49% true 51% lie.

    Sadly it didn’t go as far back as Clinton I would have been interested to see how he compared.
    Of course Politifact doesn’t rate the severity of a lie, e.g. Clinton lying under Oath is far worse than Trump telling one of his nonsense claims that would never be believed anyway, but on Politifact they both count as 1 lie.