A good question to get you in gear

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  1. This is a good quiz/riddle/question.

    Try attempting it.Normally I post on WC, but this riddle is too special and its a gem. Enjoy:

    What number is Y?

    16 06 68 88 Y 98

    If you give up , scroll down for answer.
  2. Nope.
  3. Nope. Y is a 'number'
  4. Really? I thought it was a letter.
  5. That or L8 if you look upside down
  6. Allow me sasuke.
  7. This is the right answer. Well done bizarro.

    The trick was to look at the number upside down. The beauty of this riddle was to not overthink it which is the mistake many make.

    Give this to children and they have a better chance to get it correct.
  8. I feel intellectually stimulated.
  9. I like being 9.
  10. 87 lol i seen this question before
  11. Hehe I don't know what's better, this or turning my phone upside to read it
  12. I feel several kinds of stimulation from this thread 
  13. If Y = 87 but then you invert the number sequence you get L8 which clearly doesn't fit into that sequence.... Therefore 87 is wrong...
  14. Forget 87..... 69 give plenty of stimulation too...
  15. Well, that esculated quickly.