A flexable start timer

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  1. I don't know about anyone else I would like to see option where you can control how long it takes to start an eb. Currently start timer is 15 mins. How many would like to see a controllable start timer. This would very helpful especially if everyone in clan is running trains or chests.leave you'd comments below
  2. We make enough gold as it is. The timer is there for a reason. Without it more and more gold would be pumped into the economy. Something we don't currently need. Want a train? Make the clans necessary to run one without wait times.
  3. The main reason of a 15 minute eb start is for everyone to regen enough to get a OK start for the next eb.
    Sorry there has been threads before some reasonable points but it has not took place.
  4. I've been away for a couple of years, come back and still see this same idea being suggested? Smh
  6. Flexible*
  7. Enough gold??

  8. It was option to between 5 10 15 min timers
  9. There would be no option it would just be a 5 minute start timer for all intents and purposes. IF anything like this were to happen why put in effort to make it "flexable" (sic) when people will just demand we change 5 minutes to zero wait time. This is not something we need. I would much rather see regen bars go from an hour to 30 minutes, with plunder adjusted lower. Something I loved from GaW that really made it less of a hit n run game and more hooked on staying online all day. People were more likely to stay and chat since they only had 15-20 minutes to kill before they could hit again instead of 45-50. If they didn't chat they used forums, if they didn't use forums they talked (yes, TALKED) on world chat.
  10. As far as chests go, I'd still like to see chest timers paused between ebs or whenever you're not actively in a clan with an eb running. Sure some chests are free with events or opening boxes, but some of us paid money for our crux chests, i.e. Black Friday. We pay for a 2 hour chest, we should get the full 2 hours to use it.
  11. I would support for a chest to be paused when not in between ebs
  12. Thats what trains are for.