A fix to Charm Exploit

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  1. #nosupport. All possible out comes punish them who worked hard for their showcase and supported the devs and the game by supporting this new aspect, the collectors are what made this aspect of the game relevant when it was first released. Many on this thread complaining about charms are hypocrites, many of you are in my DM daily asking for hires in return for your charms. So you all get your “growth” and not lobbying to have charms turned off. Quit complaining and put in work to collect or stand pat and complain and fall further behind. Only support I have is for regulating 3rd party cash purchases on charms.
  2. Mate, honestly.. What's going on right now is more unfair to you and the genuine traders like you. The best of traders gathered about say 100 or 150b at max so far, while it takes just a couple events for a charm farmer to reach that, so how is your trade skill any match to the people who are on scripts/NK farms every week, its practically impossible to catch up with them no matter how skilled trader you are,hence it needs to be regulated.
  3. What about capping the maximum of each charm to 1? so you can have 1 Aureate Bracer lv0, 1 Aureate Bracer lv1 etc.

    This would drastically reduce the maximum BFE charm bonus.
  4. And what about those who already have alot of stacks? There's people who even pay extra and exchange their distorted charms for stacks.
  5. give them time to trade for other charms which they dont have yet. And the max doesnt need to be 1, it can also be 3 or 5.

  6. Support
  7. Please don’t forget charms created interest in events, before charms people could careless about events, no one was fighting for any spots other then top 10, no one was interested in collecting equipment they had no use for just piling up. We as a community asked devs to find use for them, they did. Trading charms evolved this aspect and at first many felt charms we “dumb” and “useless” thus trading theirs away for other benefits. Charm farms who are not using bots or using scripts to me are fine if being manually used, that’s that individuals proghtive if they want to waste that much of their personal time. 3rd party purchases need to be regulated but let’s be honest how possible is this really? It’s been going on for years with account sharing and selling of LB accounts. Capping ownership of charms would just kill off this aspect of the game, leaving half of KAW with the same stuff, leaving no real advantage of even bothering with charms, your top spenders 1-10, 11-50 and 51-100 would all have minuscule CS advantage that wouldn’t be worth time or money eventually leading to a dead game. Remember this is a war game and like life war isn’t meant to be fair. Bigger question with charms is how the devs can “ adjust” stats with out communication, I.e the tri-gem charms, originally equipment, I opened as many chest as I could originally to get that equipment, used tones to max enchant it, just to find out months later I wasted all kinds of money and resources for 60mcs in charms, now set worth 3b. That’s a joke, devs dropped the ball big time with this one.
  8. Amen
  9. Cry me a river. When HTE/NK became perm ya cried cause you couldn't afford the seals n xstals. When those players got bc and invested in allies ya cried about bfa. Your financial situation is your problem. Charms gave those who don't wanna spend a chance to grow stronger faster without real life money. They do however need to spend time to stack charms. You don't have the time or energy? That's your problem. Stop crying all the time. Spend more money or invest more time, otherwise grow at the rate you comfy with. However manner these players are getting charms is the same way you can too so do that and quit the water works. Or simply quit kaw. Enjoy!
  10. Funny, let me clear the fact that I'm pretty sure I own more charms than you, I have a good advantage in indi wars with the BFE and I was pretty happy assassinating out Albs with ease.But I realized it's very short term, there are people who exploit charms such that it's against TOU, maybe you're unaware but devs have taken quite alot of actions recently against players like that, so if all your charm farming bs is so legit then this shouldn't have happened, you're just here cause you have a decent showcase and afraid to lose the advantage over other LBs what you've had so far,thanks to the charms.While the fact is, very soon your '' OP '' showcase will be reduced to average, maybe only then you'd realise the point I'm trying to make here.I don't mind if it generates revenue for ATA like NK/HTE do, I personally never had a problem with it as it is necessary to keep the game running, but in this case the whole process being carried out via black market which is completely against TOU, so if you're suggesting people to go buy charms off black market or farm it on their own, then you seriously need to rethink of what you're talking about.Anyways, aren't you the same one who was trying to sell off his charms before ASW  GG