A fix to Charm Exploit

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  1. I did NOT read OP post in its ENTIRETY nor did i read comments. But limiting charms tona certian extent is like creating a similar siutation like we have in lowland wars. The bfa/bfe has a cap that is easily maxed out. Basicalky rendering it completly pointless. A "cap" defeats the whole purpose. Capping charms or bfa isnt going to happen ask its a stream of revenue, and devs wont lose a penny/wink of sleep over it. There really is no fix to something theyve already formally rolled out. Its out..its out. There is no undoing it. Its been something the community has been begging/dying for. And once it doesnt go the way most wanted it too.. They complain. You should have known an army of alts was to follow. You should have known that charms and rewards would have been sold through 3rd party apps just like they do with accounts.this gamr as much as they advertise free to play.. This is largly a pay to play game. Yes its free..will you get anywhere fast this way.. No. Youll be at a slow grind for ever.

    Devs have turned this solely into a pay to play game. You spend money = you go on lb. Dont spend = irrelevant. Believe it or not.. But its not hard to see the people who spend daily and the ones who dont.
  2. The only hate comment I see, but check the name out
  3. To cry or adapt! Yes charms have spoilt things as have many other things in kaw! Furniture ,bots to name a few we all have things we don't like about the game but to cry about it is pointless! Adapt to the situation is the best way
  4. I think a cap in charms similar to the cap in allies would be the best way to fix the problem.
    Would also be good to do a gold upgrade on charms after the initial aqua/infurno you do before you transmute.
    But the biggest problem in kaw to date is and has been for a long time is botting and devs lack of action on certain individuals. Great seeing the recent bans on some cheaters in the game but I personally would like to see more all around kaw.
  5. Exploit  willing to bet most who are complaining about charms are ones who willingly sold them for ally hires or furniture. The collectors who have worked hard at collecting shouldn’t be punished for embracing this aspect of the game. “Tuning charms off for war would defeat 90% of the purpose of collecting, wouldn’t make much sense and would kill this aspect of the game that actually has sparked some interesting activity #catchup #putinwork
  6. Removing charms I do not agree with. Since charm trading has begun, I have traded tirelessly to get the showcase I have now (all charms stored on alt for war)

    I started with 1.8b now have nearly 100b (raw and stored in rares too)

    To remove that after all the hard work, would deeply upset me.
  7. Support
  8. There's not a single mention of removing charms in the entire post.We all worked hard for the charms,yes.My point is only to have a certain limit on them similar to the cap on BFA, because an infinity factor in any specific aspect destroys the value and purpose of the other, in this case infinite bfe defeats the purpose of bfa/build to a very large extent.
  9. #NerfDeo
  10. Agreed
  11. What I emphasize on is to have a certain cap on charms like we have for build and BFA, it has nothing to do with removing charms completely, that'd be a disaster.Just assume if devs bring out infinite levels of buildings like you can keep upgrading until you run out of gold, that would create a massive gap between the LBs and average players.So,basically that is exactly what's happening in the name of charms.
  12. So your saying they should cap charms yet again punishing the collectors for working hard and spend lots of time collecting, now only making a small fraction of their time spent and charms accrued valuable, so people who put in less time and work can be on a even playing field? War game/life is not “even” or “fair” if I knew I could only use a small fraction of my showcase wouldn’t have wasted time collecting more then needed and I’m sure there are many out there like me
  13. Even if you cap charms. It’s still taking away all my hard work, along with other traders or collectors work.

    I completely agree that charms are op op, and I stated this in one of my old threads where the devs commented “what if you could trade charms”

    In my response I explained everything that’s wrong with the charm system now, even before they made trading a thing.
  14. Charms are insanely overpowered. I do the same damage as my account with 250m attack stats (I got 64). It's a joke lmfao
  15. called a rejuvanted market for him
  16. Not sure if this has been said before but maybe charms could start depreciating in value. For example a 50mcs charm i have now could slowly loose value until it reaches 0mcs in 6 months. (Moth charms and asw plates etc still stay safe though)
  17. Charms are the dumbest thing ata could’ve added. It does nothing but promote breaking the rules 
  18. That's a very interesting idea. :D
  19. I agree. You say you've got 100b which i believe is above average from other ''GENUINE'' traders like you.If the devs manage to come up with a proper cap arrangement,you'll most probably get to keep all of what you've earned so far maybe even more.The only ones to get affected would be the statless accounts sitting on 250-300b charms and ruining wars for others.Just think about it, it took you months to reach upto 100b through trading regularly, while 100b is what those farmers make within 2 weeks without even needing to have any skill.
  20. Trust me, if we don't take this seriously soon there will be statless accounts destroying LB accounts in wars and PvP (there already are).Because for charm farmers, BFE grows at a tremendously faster rate than BFA/Build for an LB.