A fix to Charm Exploit

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  1. So, it's almost an year since the introduction of charms in the gameplay.Some appreciate it, most to be frank don't.We all who have been regularly doing wars be it osw or ee are well aware of the charm impact.First of all I would like to clear the fact that the whole concept of infinite charms is flawed.People have been growing their build and bfa over the years through alot of dedication and ofcourse spending on seals and xtals.Now, a tiny statless acc with just max plunder on allies can wreck up an lb, all he has to do is gather charms and he can grow stronger overnight than the person who has been playing for years.Unfair isn't it, I think I don't even need to explain in depth about how it ruined wars for most of the dedicated players because we all are already well aware of it.So, I'll just come to the point and the reason why I made this forum post was to suggest the developers on how they can fix this mess and still keep it fair for the players who have gathered alot of charms already by spending heaps or their hard work *cough cough* running 70 accounts.

    So, the idea is to have a fixed number of slots for a specific category of charm exactly like how the equipments work.Like, say you can only equip 5 Charm for the leg equipment slot.To keep it simple, you can take an example of how the furniture's arrangement is, you can hold alot of furniture's in your acc but can only equip 1 of your choice.
    Also, players should be allowed to upgrade their slots so as to increase the capacity of charms a specific slot can hold.The slots would cost in gold and the amount of gold required increases tremendously as the levels get higher.So the players who don't upgrade and chose to exploit wars staying small can't really afford it while it shouldn't really be a problem for the LB's to cover most if not all the charm they have as they have a surplus in gold.
    The prices of slots after a certain point can be set in quads, so it gets more challenging even for the LBs.
    How will that help?
    This will help to stop the exploit of wars by small stats players who have stacked up on massive amount of charms and don't upgrade.So this will encourage everyone to upgrade their build and increase their charm slots hence bringing the value of gold back into the gameplay.
    Apart from that, it will give the leaderboards and build complete players the advantage they deserve, they can buy out much more charm slots than a statless player ofcourse and rightly so.
    It's a bit strange that we have a cap on BFA (550 allies) but no limit on charms, so that's what the whole idea is about, similar to the BFA cap system.
    Hence, players will have to make a choice of which equipment they want to equip in the slots they have which will encourage people to max enchant the equipments before transmuting and the top10/50/100 equipments will increase in popularity as they would provide the best stats for the specific slot.
    Moreover this will also help in vanishing the problem we all are concerned about for a past few months,that is CHARM FARMS.
    The one thing that would possibly be an exception in this arrangement would be rewards.I'm not sure if rewards should be capped like charms or not as they are more difficult to get and provide barely any stats as compared to charms, I'll leave that part for discussion here, suggestions would be very much appreciated.
    I know this concept might have flaws ofcourse and it would really be helpful if people list it and give their opinions so as to make it more efficient for the developers to implement.
    Suggestions are welcome, trolls are even more welcome.
  2. Make charms untradable. There won't be any charms exploit then lol
  3. There are people sitting on massive amount of charms already. Making them untradable will leave no chance for others to catch up with them, hence defeating the whole purpose of it.
  4. Just remove them
  6. I agree, I want that just as much as you do, BFA and build are supposed to be the core of the game and not charms and furniture's.But it won't be practical to remove charms completely out of the system in a jiffy because many players spent heaps to gather them, and some players genuinely traded alot and gathered their fair share of charms in the past few months.So it would kinda be unfair to drop them to the same level as the players who have been inactive all this while lol.
  7. I always though that instead of having charms, players should have been able to upgrade their equipment past their regular max level using old equipment of the same slot as materials.
  8. So skybot this fix would obviously suit you with all your super maxed charms!!! Just saying
  9. 1. Reduce the % addition they give to stats
    2. Turn them off for wars

  10. Something will probably happen to fix this charm exploit.

    A message to all the charm hoarders.....

    I’m willing to take many of those charms off your hands.... lets face it they will be obsolete soon. Because slots for charms is a good idea

    Just saying
  11. Probably the best idea to bring this game back to life ...

  12. Make it max 100 charms per account and 1 weapon per event as it used to be
  14. Support limit number of charm slots available like EQ slots and make top tier charms more rewarding and fix a broken system
  15. This and support for additional improvements. Until then...

    Happy Charming all 
  16. There should be cap of charms on SWARS. Leave it the way it is outside SWARS.

  17. OP is one of them charm farmers. i think hes just trying to manipulate charm prices by posting threads like this. only for his own good cause he banked tons of charms already
  18. OP is also a butthurt.
  19. How about a new slotted type of equipment. You can pick what charms to embed.
    Like a ring could hold two charms.
    A helmet could hold three.
    This would limit the total number of charms available at any given time and give a little variety and fun to creating/crafting your own armour set.

    Even special event armours with extra slots for top 5/10/50 top competing players.

    So I can get that top 10 armour with 5 bonus charm slots and it will be an advantage but not a crippling one.