A Firearm Discussion Thread

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  1. Lol. Fiery redheads every time for me.

  2. Thank God I live in a country that is not obsessed by guns........ Does no-one else see a problem here.......
  3. So I am about to buy another concealed carry firearm. Any recommendations?

    My current one is a glock 27 (subcompact version .40)
  4. Colt M1911 (.45)
  5. Try this on for size...

  6. I have many guns so I can defend myself against Obama when he comes to my door personally to take my guns and my Jesus and put me in a FEMA camp
  7. Did someone say a country of sheep?
  8. Lambs for the slaughter
  9. 1) just because someone likes guns, doesn't mean they're obsessed

    2) guns are only a problem if they're in the wrong hands
  10. Ruger lc9 is very popular atm
  11. Potato gun
  12. Glock is a great gun.....what I carry as my duty weapon. .40 compensated to reduce muzzle flip.
  13. I have a Glock 27 as well. Snappy little suckers aren't they?  especially shooting 165gr loads. 180s don't kick near as harsh.
    Depends on what you're looking for. Want a great hunting pistol, get a Glock 20, 10mm.
    Want a nice pistol with an excellent trigger in a polymer gun , get a Walther PPQ, or a H&K VP9. Very close to the same gun. They have it in 9mm, 40 and a couple other calibers. 357 Sig I think.
    Someone recommended a 1911, good idea. Look at getting the original Colt Combat Commander in stainless . Everyone's gotta get a 1911.
    Don't buy a cheap 1911. Build quality is everything when it comes to a 1911. Colt, the higher end Springfields (like the TRP Operator) or a kimber. All great 1911s, or, best of both worlds! Get a Dan Wesson 1911, in 10mm. That would be sick !
    If you like the Sub Compact style guns but want a 9mm with a better trigger, try the Ruger SR9C. My personal favorite polymer pistol. Slick trigger.
    Whatever you get, spend a bit of time and see if you can either fire someone's gun, or make sure you dry fire it to check the trigger . Some of them are crap. My Springfield XD45 trigger has to be pulled back farther than I like and caused me to toss some in the dirt when I first got it
  14. That's ironic in itself.
  15. Speaking of carry gun. I keep my glock 19 very clean.
    I was in the yard the other day and decided to dump a mag, the mag was loaded with my carry ammo. (hornady critical defense).
    First few shots was fine. Next shot, misfeed. The previous shell fully ejected, but the next shell got stuck in the feeding ramp. This happened 2-3 times in 1 magazine.
    So I grabbed my target ammo. Just some cheap magtech, maybe a few blazers mixed in. And all 3 mags ran flawlessly. So I did some research and it seems like quite a few glock owners have feeding issues with hornady critical defense. Especially in the 9mm and .40 cal! I'm just thankful I figured this out while I was shooting steel targets and not defending my life.

    I switched to Remington golden sabers P and they run flawlessly as well.

    Has anyone else who carries a glock had problems with hornady? Also, make sure you run a few mags of your carry ammo so you know if it runs well or causes malfunctions!
  16. I'm thinking of buying a kimber next for ccw. Not sure if I want to go with 9mm or 45.,,,
    A question for all. Do you know the gun laws for your state ? Storage of guns and ammo requirements ect...
    Some one told me that firearms and ammo has to be stored separate in Florida .
    I guess they just yell "time out" in the case of home invasion or burglary.,,
    I may decide to remove Florida from my possibles on my possible places to move to list.
    Trying to find a place that is pro constitution,pro common sense and preferably low on hippies.
  17. Who are the right hands to own them?you can become crazy tomorrow and start to shoot who cross your way...so firearms dont depends on the hands where they are...a gun will be always a gun...full or empty and always will dangerous for who is around the owner...
    the madness can come when anybody waits it...
  18. At Rio no I'll be the guy saving my kid. While you'll be watching your wife and kids have things done to them I won't describe . So way to go there genius
  19. Guns for everyone. Everyone should own a gun. Everyone should know how to shoot one. The world is overpopulated. Imagine how the population would thin if everyone on the planet was given a gun at the same time. *

    *i do not support this statement.