A Dev joining other clans?

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by [ATA]Charlie, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. As long as its not just one clan and it's not hundreds of dollars its first
  2. Yes. Much pirate here
  3. Get out more n stretch ur legs
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean style pirates or Black Sails style pirates? :p :lol:
  5. As long not use p2p items its ok
  6. Was wondering if you can tell me the percentage mechanics of attacking another build an what percent of gold you take from them an what the basic build attack is?
  7. Devs, personally I believe it would be great to see you guys put some effort in your accounts. Become a part of the community. I am not saying you need to make all of your accounts known ATA accounts.So far only good things have been coming from dev interaction with the kawmunity. Be a part of the solution and help breathe some life into the smaller tiers. And I own you. Talk in AC :p
  8. I think "The Magic Spank Bank" would still have its clan name if the devs would have only come visited.

    Just once....
  9. ata_charlie, do you have enough yays to do this?
  10. I think its a good idea to go visiting, and visit all types and sizes of clans

    The social side of KaW has to be experienced to understand it and the best way is through cc's
  11. It would be great, to get a dev to visit, plus its always cool to get a mod to visit as well
  12. That moment when you spend 20 mins writing a post but it doesn't post </3
  13. Good idea best to play the game than be a keyboard warrior
  14. I'd like Devs to join a clan, become admin and work hard as admin there for a short period of time. Then hopefully they'll realise how messed up these roles are and how not every clan can buy the roles and have enough ppl on to ensure it runs smoothly.

    I'd like the Devs to try and run a clan and see how hard it is for keep it going and how almost every change that they make on the game seems to have a detrimental effect on an average none lb, none hte clan.
  15. Jesus are people still crying over the new roles? If you don't have the time to run/manage a clan then don't run/manage a clan, simple.

    I stopped running a sub clan years ago because I couldn't put aside the time to do so and it was killing what little growth I was making at the time.

    The empty can rattles the most.
  16. Do it man enjoy the game
  17. How would you decide which clans to visit? It would take too long to visit them all
  18. Mind I ask why you devs joined KaW community with accounts your growing to be all in one clan alone togetheter? Seriously it makes more sense to perm in other clans or be clan hoppers to expierience KaW to its funny potential. After all wasn't that point you were trying to make to understand us better? Or am I miss understanding?
  19. I would enjoy to see devs joining other clans. If that were to happen, it would show at least some of their interest in the game. Not only that, but if the dev was active in cc then we could get to know you guys better. Another thing is if you experience the game from our eyes by seeing what happens in our clans, then you could probably solve more issues that happen.