A Dev joining other clans?

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  1. I was having a conversation with Filthy_Maggot after he dissed my build saying that I didn't know the game. (Because it's true, my build is a little all over the place)

    I said I would do it different now, but he had a point that although there are lots of things I know tons about there are still lots of other things I would like to learn and experience (thank you all you people who strip farmed me. Feels really great :shock: ).

    I can and do play on an alternative account but I would love to be able to play in the same way I do there, but here on my main.

    Filthy_Maggot then came up with the idea of me doing a "Tour" and joining other clans to talk with players and experience as much as I can.

    Because although I love the notoriety of being in A Thinking Ape's prestigious clan, we're still struggling to get past Z'uthmerak of Despair...

    So I thought I would pose the question here and see what you think.

    How would you feel if a Dev made a tour and joined a bunch of different clans? To hang out, learn and have conversations about the game?

    Understand that I cannot and will not be giving out any free things to members of any clan. And this will not be happening if the general opinion I see is that this is not a welcomed idea.
  3. Good idea.
  4. This would be happening at the earliest next week!
  5. Join veritas for hot staircase rp
  6. I dont think clans like red guys. You may be shown the boot lol. #RedisBad, #GreenisGood
  7. I think it would be a good morale booster to have a dev hangout and possibly hit a few ebs , or learn more about osw and tracking , try an indi war if you ever bring them back
  8. Do it
  9. You should do it. And get more active. You do nothing in that dev clan.

    *Though depending on who, this won't help the "bias" claims. I recommend mostly small, and EB clans.
  10. Dew it
  11. I dont see a single negative outcome coming from it so why not? Sure they might be a few rude people in cc but other than that dont see why not.
  12. Devs dont listen when players pist thread with hundreds of signatures supporting ideas ....yet one little dev account trolling noob clans is going to make a difference? Me thinketh noteth.
  13. Eh, mmm, I'm broadly supportive, but what's the objective?

    If you want to learn the game the best way is surely as a 'secret customer' using your anonymous alt account.

    Using your Developer account is too high profile (same for greens and blues), everyone would converse with you the way they do on your Wall or in the forums, it would never be a genuine experience.

    There are way too many clans for you to spend any meaningful time with, so despite your state intention I still think you'd be playing favourites.
  14. I goot meh litl poony. I call it A tinking Ape
  15. Just do it, I bet anyone will welcome you and be honored to have you visit their clan.
  16. I think you should be doing less tapping and more developing 

    Honestly, though, I think it'd be a great way to engage with everyone and broaden your view of the game.

    You have been having more forum presence lately, but there's a whole world of players out there who don't even open forums, let alone get a chance to interact with you.

    I think this is a good idea, support!
  17. Of course it would be welcomed move. Try to hop around different clans- 3 clans per week. Start from clans which suits your cs. Grow your cs in the process and move on the next.
    You were hinting the idea of "smooth progression" so why not examine, test and diagnose before you perform "surgical operations" to the EBs.
    Might as well be interactive and answer questions (in-game) from players who don't like being in the forums.
    Oh, for the fun of it, join ll wars or indis once or twice a week.