A Day In The Life Of The Wandering Villager: A TRUE STORY!!!

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  1. Haha i liked it
  2. Dude!!! Post the full story! This is awesome funny! Roflmfao
  3. OMG bro!

    That was the funniest thing I've ever read
  4. KaW Admin:

    Joe's Reign of terror ends Now! The KaW players know his true identity, and it's time to kick him to the curb.

    I'll keep making these until he is destroyed.

    That I can promise you!

  5. I applaude you Chad Easily the best version of the wandering villager.
  6. Hahabananahaha that's an amazingly awesome story!!!!!!!!!
  7. And if you ever get hungry whil writing the rest *points at himself* eh eh ehhhhhh
  9. 
  10. Yea I know. I made that post.
  11. lmao good stuff
  12. Really? This feedback is much more positive then I expected.
  13. Chad, I'm spy... Just converted... I DON'T LIKE IT!!!!! . I GOT HIM 5 IN A ROW!? am I to knew at this... MASS ******* SUICIDE!?
  14. It's ok eddzie, it's ok.......

    Days of Our lives isn't getting canceled any time soon so u will have plenty of time to adjust.

    Just look away as fast as possible when u see "defeat".
  15. Fuccing hilarious chad I love it  IT BROKE THE LOL 'O METER THOUGH 