A Competition (win free seal)

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  1. Wassup forums i’m out here lookin for some of that goooood warrior cat rp. Was a member of FoxClan back in 2011 before mfn LilyStar disbanded it and broke my damn heart.

    For real though now that it’s nearly 2019 how many of those weird ass mfs do you think are still kickin it free on the streets? My guess is 90% have either been thrown in a cell or more likely a sponge room.

    Anyway here’s my contest:

    Whoever can name the most warrior cat rp clans wins the following:

    1. 2 seals
    2. 100mcs charms
    3. 7 horns

    Good luck you twisted mfs, enjoy!
  2. I don't follow
  3. You follow children home from school
  4. I don’t follow
  5. Follow me back
  6. Your parents don’t follow you on popular social media sites.
  7. I still don't follow
  8. You followed your heart and married your first cousin.
  9. They asked for cat clans not ***** clans
  10. Please don’t refer to me as ‘they’ without first asking what my pronouns are. It’s 2018, almost 2019, show some damn respect.
  11. Are you being unironic? Lol
  12. Aren’t u dead? 4Head
  13. Actually on topic... Weren't there Thunderclan/Thundercats (the biggest, most long-standing group), Skycats, and...Shadowcats? And like a clan called warrior return iirc? Ironically, for an rp clan.
  14. You’re not respecting my ignorance and I consider that an act of violence
  15. How dare LMBAO refer to 6Pac as you! That is derogatory. What if 6Pac isn't a you but an Apache attack helicopter. And dont fight me because I'm a sheher nonbinary asexual protozoa, with some chocolate covered snowflakes drizzled on my face from Darren the hehim focke-wolf 190D fighter
  16. Ah yes I remember when the mighty ThunderClan were feared amongst KaW. A force to be reckoned with they were.

    1 point goes to Thrawn who currently sits in 2nd place.

    1. 6Pac (2 points)
    2. Thrawn (1 point)
  17. Games rigged. OP gave points to op
  18. 1 point for naming FoxClan, another point for keeping score.
  19. I'm keeping score though
    So that means its
    1point me
    1 point 6Pac
    1 Point Green Boob