a chance to meet him

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  1. Alright as many may know this is a alt i am clash of clans player but redstar(chris) told me this game is cool but anyway he started playing clash of clans and is gonna do a q and a in the clan zaft genesis on clash of clans anyone can join until theres no more spots
  2. There is a glitch in the matrix.
  3. Kill it before it breeds
  4. Fire and holy water.
  5. Sigh prepare for a lock and hopefully a forum ban.
  6. pinned op :3

    please don't repost a thread that was literally just banned, then wall the forum mod "follow me back we need to talk".
  7. Considering RedStar is a woman... That's a weird name.
  8. he didn't repost the thread. it was unlocked.
  9. Ss or bs
  10. Not really chris is a girl name to lol
  11. Actually looking at the size of op owner i might belive him lol
  12. I might join for the banter kek

    Is it the clan with only 7 members or will it be a new clan? If so when will it be made?
  13. His clans name is Divine Genesis and the clan "RedStar" made and join is called Zaft Genesis?? Coincidental? I think not :>
  14. he should've posted this with that account, (if it's his)
  15. I dont really understand the thread.
  16. Forum mod? Lil late for those, ain't it?
  17. forum moderator person. or, thread batman.
  18. It's not 
  19. my entire feed is crammed with his failed attacks and assasinations. hopefully "meeting" redstar will console him for a bit.