A Cast of Falcons: Chapter Three - The Falcon's Letter

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  1. U should make a book kaw community
  2. Grant is collecting noobs tears hand over fist with minimum effort. 

    The DEVil made him do it....
  3. Because there's a small select few who can run an ASoF or LOTL in 12 minutes, we need a new eb?

    AsoF and LOTL still pay great gold and give the best event items. What more do you want? The average time seems to be 2-4 hours. And that's for LB clans. Which is still decent timing. LB clans aren't the only clans in KaW. Think outside those clans and you'll notice most aren't running those ebs that fast. Not even close.

    New content and variety in events is needed more than a new eb. What's the next one gunna be anyway? So hard that only 1 clan can run it for months? Pay everyone trillions in gold? Drop 3k event items? Not needed.

    If the ebs are too fast, I'll suggest you lower your stat req and let smaller accounts in that wouldn't normally be able to get in. You know, help others out. Clans running fast rotations of LOTL and ASoF are a minority. Adding another, even harder eb won't improve the game. The current two hardest ebs still pay great with the best item drops by a mile.
  4. So no new ebs until everyone can hit em lol.so just one eb should be running?wb it is then
  5. How to get equipment box?
  6. You can purchase an Equipment Box from the Marketplace when you've been rewarded with a key from the event. You can look at the event page to get more info! :)
  7. Nope, wasn't my point at all. We don't need a new eb because gold is still good and item drops are still the best. The fact that one clan can run it in 12 mins is not the yardstick which the rest of KaW should be judged. Most LB clans are running them in 2-4 hours. That's fine. But LB clans are not the only clans in KaW.
  8. Can u not turn off WC during war?
    Its a nuisance to say the least.
    Idc about ads during war I only have 2 lines of chat as it is if spamming etc.
  9. Maybe more imagination needed for subsequent events. There's unlimited ideas available, yet this is same old same old??
    Every time its same things different names for stuff, I get a little more disappointed
  10. Nobody says you have to keep playing and spending your money. Lol.
  11. Question deleted. No answer again.
  12. The battle cry notification in WC is incredibly annoying too. One time I saw One clan set off 14 in a row. 14 updates in a row. Spammy as hell.
  13. I can give you that answer.

    Point one: Because not everyone does EE.
    Point one explained: While it may be a nuisance for you to EE and watched the screen for your War Commander and Tracker to make their calls while screening through WC ads and banter. Not everyone is at war when you are and most players don't do EE.

    Many clans rely on WC to recruite and to get help with epic battles. Turning it off durning war will harm a lot of the flow of other peoples game.

    Also WC is used for banter and talk. A lot of players love talking and talking crap to each other in WC and taking it away durning war would be a nuisance.

    So it is a case of it would harm the game more than help it and people have been doing EE with wc for years now and wc is no where near as rapid as it us to be.

    Point Two: Programing.
    Point Two explained: ATA is a company and one that loves money. It is also summer and they have to get those yahts on the water. With that said, it would take time and money to write a code that will allow individual players to turn WC off durning EE or have WC muted durning wars.

    The devs love using the "programing nightmare" excuse on things they actually don't want to do because they see little to no return profit in it or little to no use in the program or for things that they just don't want to do. This is one of those things.

    Ending remarks:
    They won't do it because they don't want to spend the resources it would take to fix something that most players can live without. It is a bottom of the bucket complaint that doesn't warrent a change. Especially sence we all know it will come with about two months of bugs.

    I understand how fustrating it can be but on iPhone it isn't that damn bad. I've always warred on iPhone. Just click the chat screen, look, then I closed the chat and attacked.
  14. This event sucks, im confused? Where do o spend my mysterious crap?
  15. I have mysterious items? Where are my awesome pvp ownage rewards? I own. I need my rewards KaW .
  16. When did you step out from hiding? Did the rest of the team do the same ?
  17. Does Iphone not have separate tabs for cc, wc, and ac like android?
  18. It's the same as Android chat wise.
  19. ok where are the pvp badges?

    finished rank 67 top 100. Where is the badge?
  20. It looks like your Hero of the Falcons I achievement is on your account. Try restarting your app if you don't see it.