A Cast of Falcons: Chapter Six - Galdurheim

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Patience is the key. Don't force them to run a temporary solution. To much much complaining going .
  2. Please tell me how to join this....Thanks
  3. Please tell me how to join this....Thanks
  4. Hit epic battles. This event requires the collection of 2 items which will join to form 1 item.

    The clan you're currently in is running what is known as an event rotation. This means they alternate between 2 ebs to collect the seperate items.

    Go to your profile and go down the bottom and you'll be able to see how many items you have.

    At the top of your home page there should be a chest which gives information on the reward tiers. You will get a reward depending on how many you collect.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to keep posting here or follow me for help. :)
  5. I do like this event but it's time for a 1-2 week break after this one , and something new after :3
  6. Almost nobody's playing ZTA cos u dropped plunder n THE ITEMS AMOUNT. Very smart move.when ppl have to just justify their work....
  7. My last couple EB rewards Traveling Stones have not been added to my over al count please check TY SirAndelot ☆☆☆☆☆
  8. KAW is forgotten all ATA are involved with SMASH and the big update taking place today.
  9. I am noticing that the reward at the 5k tier of a token for the banner from ch 1-5 has been removed for ch 6. was this intentional?
  10. So far i got 1 sorcerers box since this event Started... Why decrease drops? Grant c'mon
  11. What happened to the 20 k token rewards???? Got cheap Devs and dropped it??? LAME
  12. When has there been a 20k tier? I don't remember there being one and if there ever was one it wasn't around for very long :lol:
  13. Two full bars of spies and NO flags!!!!!. Where are the flags???Even with bombard I'm only getting 20.
  14. It's just a way for the big players get bigger faster us lil guys will never catch up.
  15. 2000 silver bars for just 2000 event items.

    Let ne repeat that.. 2000 SILVER BARS. Thats well over 4 Trillion in gold, for JUST 2000 event items.

    I have a statless alt that's already got 2k items from just unloading on TFO/Despair occasionally and collecting a few documents during the PvP blitz.
  16. Will this stupidity ever end?
  17. Hte ends 1 min after event and we dont get drops anymore?
  18. Why would you? If it ends any any point after the event it's too late.
  19. Frustrating that the amount of boxes earned does not equal the number of 24 hour periods available.

    I understand you can "buy" that privilege however, being short of a level for rewards and unable to open 3 boxes earned on the LAST event day is discouraging.

    Why not have the boxes drop sooner or more evenly during the event than 3 in the final 24 hours?