A Cast of Falcons: Chapter Six - Galdurheim

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Devs check my thread for problems that need to be looked at, possibly due to event :)
  2. Grant since you're here, I'm at the central Library grabbing a slice, was gonna head up to Lonsdale Quay, do... do you I don't know, do you maybe want to grab some Marble Slab?
  3. Lol devs now u r editing and deleting people's posts just because you dont like what they are saying now on your threads? That has to be the lowest of the low now OMG KAW IS DEAD
  4. Tempting... but I'm kind of stuck at work right now you know :p
  5. They have been doing that for years now
  6. What's this tinkers gem for ?
  7. I think this new event/fixes have screwed up clan ranking. I'm much higher than I should be, and have a 20mcs ish player on my wall higher than 60m cs >_<
  8. I like events but they're basically copy and pasting the last event info and changing a few things...
  9. Yeap they deleted one of mine today talking about being transparent yes sure as long as it suits them I don't believe a word out of there mouth
  10. Lets smoke them up!!!
  11. The 3k tier doesn't give a banner when it should.

    Also the 500 tier gives 2 equipment chests when the 750 tier only gives 1 don't know if this is intentional or not just curious.

    Nvm it gives 2 tier 2 ignore me lol
  12. What happened at the start of this event?

    Announcement went up and was removed, Eb's didn't drop rewards, yet the timer shows the event start time from the announcement time.

    So the questions is where are our drops from the first eb?
  13. So off topic I know (sorry) but about this rumoured new eb: I propose attack/ass only and maybe a couple optional steal bars ... That would be nice ,... Bars that are only atyack or only ass suck ... And about those optional steal bars . None pvpers could grab Their steal achievements
  14. Just noticed the 1 Continental Token is not in the 5000 item tier anymore?
  15. Hi C n C they can't get the balance right between builds how do you expect them to start a event correctly.
  16. So why ignore the questions about the new attack pot. Seems like it's crazy op right now...75M for +1 attack. What's it going to be for? When will you tell us.
  17. YAY MORE Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V EVENTS

    Whoop whoop loves it

    When are the EBs going to fight back ?
  18. It will be obvious soon....
  19. Wait around 2-3 hours and we might hear more from the devs about any further changes and/or the new eb. Patience young padawans.