A Cast of Falcons: Chapter Six - Galdurheim

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  1. Valerja, Angas, Telthas, and Kish have arrived safely at the elven temple at Galdurheim, and are meeting with Sorceress Illassa, one of the heads of the Falcons. Before they can decide on their next step, however, the temple is attacked, and the four must escape before the Star of Damas is captured...


    As you complete Epic Battles from now and the end of the event on August 9th at 12PM PDT you'll earn Haldakristal and Gatesilver Powder. When you collect both of these items they'll form Travelstone which determine your rewards at the end of this part of the event.

    As you win wars you'll earn completed Travelstone as follows:

    Team Performance
    Winning Team: 300 Travelstone
    Losing Team: 0 Travelstone

    Individual Actions
    (Based on # of successful Attack or Defence actions)

    Alliance Wartoken V

    During this event you'll also earn Alliance Wartoken VI through your participation in wars. This allows for those players who are dedicated warrers to compete against each other for the special War versions of the Top Tier equipment.

    Alliance Wartoken VI are awarded as follows:

    Team Performance
    Winning Team: 300 Wartokens
    Losing Team: 0 Wartokens

    Individual Actions
    (Based on # of successful Attack or Defence actions)

    Weekend PvP Blitz

    During the weekends of July 29 - August 1 and August 5 - 8 we'll be hosting PvP Blitz events in addition to the main event. During these Blitz events you'll collect and steal White Flags from players in order to earn Travelstone to help you with your progress in the main event. Every time you collect 500 White Flags they'll be converted into a Document of Surrender which cannot be stolen.

    Rewards for these PvP Blitz Weekend events are based on the number of Documents of Surrender you own.

    PvP Blitz Opt-In

    To Opt-In to the event, players will need to cast the Royal Tribute spell at the Alchemist. NOTE: Spell will only be available to cast once the weekend event has started.

    Warning: Opting-in lasts for the ENTIRE DURATION of that specific BLITZ EVENT and there will be no way to opt-out after doing so.

    Opted in players will:
    • Have their name colored orange to indicate their participation
    • Have a spell indicating their participation on their profile
    • Have their Battle List updated to show only players who have opted-in


    When you hit another opted-in player there's a chance that the Bombardment spell is activated. This spell lasts for 24 hours, and has the following properties:
    • Provides you with more plunder when attacking or stealing from opted-in players
    • Allows you to obtain more PVP Collection items when attacking or stealing from opted-in players
    • Provides you with a chance of creating Mithril out of thin air when attacking or stealing from opted-in players
    • Will be visible on your profile as an active spell
    • CAN BE STOLEN when you are attacked or stolen from by opted-in players. If stolen you will lose the spell, and the attacking player will receive it. Duration is not reset when stolen but continues to count down from where it was for the previous owner.

    Note: You cannot steal another player's spell when you have an active spell yourself.

    Allied Fleet

    The Sound the Trumpets item may be purchased in the Marketplace for 59 Nobility Points and casts this spell on ALL of your current clan members. If you already have the spell active you will not be able to purchase it until the current spell expires.

    This spell lasts for 1 hour and has the following properties:
    • Provides you with more plunder when attacking or stealing from opted-in players
      (This is able to stack with the Bombardment spell)
    • Allows you to earn more PVP Collection Items when attacking or stealing from opted-in players
      (This is able to stack with the Bombardment spell)
    • Prevents other players from being able to steal your Bombardment spell while active
    • Will be visible on your profile as an active spell

    Sorceress Box

    As you complete Epic Battles you'll occasionally find Sorceress Boxes. These rare chests can contain a number of goods including Health Crystals, Event Items, Seals of the Damned, and more!

    You can open these chests in one of two ways.

    1) Purchasing a Sorceress Key from the Marketplace using Gold. You can purchase ONE of these per day.
    2) Purchasing a Gold Sorceress Key from the Marketplace using Nobility. There is no limit on the number you may purchase.

    Equipment Chests

    Rewards from this event provide you with various Equipment Chest Keys depending on your placement in the event. After you receive this key you can open the appropriate Equipment Chest by purchasing it from the store.

    These chests will randomly reward you with ONE piece of equipment from that Tier Set. Over the course of the entire A Cast of Falcons series you'll be able to open multiple boxes, providing you with a potential complete set.

    You can view the potential rewards of each Equipment Box in the "Preview" tab in the events page

    Banner Tokens

    You'll be able to earn the base Event Banner during any chapter of the overall Cast of Falcons event. You'll only ever be able to get ONE base banner, however, you can then upgrade these banners using Continental Tokens also earned from the event.

    Rewards + Leaderboards

    Please see the event page in-game to view event rewards and leaderboards.

    Weekend PvP Blitz events and Wars both reward players with Mysterious Invitations which count towards your totals in the main event. Competing in Wars will also reward Wartokens, which are needed to compete against other Warring players for Top Tier equipment and rewards. Rewards from the War event WILL STACK with rewards from the other events.

    Rewards will be made available for you to collect through the events page shortly after the event ends.
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  3. Give it a rest ?
  4. Here's hoping the drops rates have been balanced as promised.Also what about the new SVERUGANTI EB is it going to be released.
  5. Go away we are bored now of your same old LAME EVENTS
  6. Up again after 2 hours :eek:
  7. What is Tinkers Gem?
  8. What's with the new 75m attack pot?
  9. I love that as the tier prizes go up the reward difference gets smaller. Means Huge accounts wont be able to get out of reach from Mids.
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  11. Plunder Loss

    Some other players along with myself are experiencing massive plunder loss which seems to have started at the beginning of this event. Please fix the plunder!!
  12. Anything on the new attack pot? Also why is it that the 2k rewards include greaves?
  13. Re: Plunder Loss

    Where are you noticing the plunder drop? On EB's or PvP actions?
  14. Event page rewards are incorrect especially the 2k rewards @Devs
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    Just in EBs right now, but Clan Rank also seems to be messed up as well... I jumped almost 40 spots with no upgrades 
  16. Why tell them that for?
  17. My thoughts exactly grizzy ;)