A Cast of Falcons: Chapter Four - The Last Checkpoint

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  1. Plunder is a BCs builds due. Not event items.

    24 actions for max drops, in any eb, is a total joke. I don't care whether they're running cruxes or battle cries or whatever it may be. I see BC builds coming into my clan in the last 5 mins, hitting 30 times and getting max drops. Even when they're not running any extra bonus spells. Yet we have accounts hitting the whole time who get way less drops. Quite frankly it's crap. Events should be about the time and the effort put in in those two weeks.

    The drop rate is stupidly unbalanced. Then again everything in KaW is unbalanced because the devs don't think about future repercussions.

    I'm not saying BC builds shouldn't necessarily make more. They're able to hit the bigger ebs so they will make more than those who can't hit those ebs regardless. However 25 actions for 1.3k items or however many it is is ridiculous. But plunder is their due.

    Spin it any way you want: 25 actions for 1.3k drops isn't fair. Events should reward HIGH ACTIVITY. If devs fixed drops properly so accounts couldn't half unload and get max items, it'd be a more level playing field.

    Again, I'm not saying BC shouldn't have some advantages for being BC. But they already do have that: in gold pay out and being able to hit the best ebs which provide the best drops anyway. But 25 actions for 1.3k drops needs to change. Should BC get more drops for less actions than a non BC account? Yes, probably. 25 actions for 1.3k items though? I don't think so.

    Here this is a good explanation:

  2. Can I get war token or bombardment
  3. You choose to ignore facts. I can make 300 items on an unload. So theoretically 4 full unloads should yeild 1.2k items. Blame the devs for crux, the crux bonus allows me to make the equivalent of 3 unloads. So for one unload I could make theoretically 900 items.

    It would be completely unfair if large builds made the same as small accounts per unload item wise. If that was the case then why grow? You find a size that suits you to do everything & stay in limbo making as much as players that either payed or grinded for their stats & size. More for Less is a perk of growing, plain & simple. Want more for less? Grow, even smaller tier prizes drop a hefty amount of silver for there tier. With frequency of promos & amount of bars. Everyone could be hitting Lotl & Asof before to long. Small moves to mids, mids move to large & large move to BC (not including allies). Mids now make more than smalls for less (no complaints) Large makes more than mids (no complaints) BC dominates all, this seems to be the problem while still falling in line. I've explained how they did it & it was all well within fair play. Small players should not make as much as BC players for same effort. This throws off the balance of growing. Plunder spells add promo items, this is a well known fact. So its a simple option Grow to get more for less or Stay small & settle for what you get.
  4. Grow bigger and you get more plunder. Plunder can be used to purchase upgrades and increase bfa.

    A full unload during blitz will get a large player the same number of flags as a small player (assuming equivalent rng luck and hit equivalency).

    Why should bigger accounts get more event drops than a smaller account for hitting the same eb?

    Why should smaller ebs have such a small cap compared to the harder ebs? If players chose to be active on smaller ebs instead of harder ones they'd get a lot less gold, right?

    I don't know why there is this constant confusion between plunder and drops in the debate. Is it a deliberate choice to a disguise the issue, or are we really that poor at making the argument?
  5. Why should larger players get more? Same reason larger players get more plunder. Bigger build = Better results. Plain & simple. If I never had to grow in order to get better promo gear. Why would I? 15k gives 4trl in bars. So if I could stay mid sized, war in mid areas & increase my Bfe/Bfa thanks to constant promos. Why should I step out of limbo?
  6. With the logic that small players should get equal that could be argued plunder wise as well. However it's shot down because large players have more buildings & invested more into their build. Devs simply reflected this plunder system to promo items. If its fair for gold then how is it not fair for promo's?
  7. But your statement is only true for PvE participation.

    With 72 hours left in then event the entry requirements for top 100 are over 38k.

    Being top 100 in both blitz weekends would give 10k items, and the top 100 in war tokens equates to a further 9.3k items earned in Wars.

    All PvP options allow an equal opportunity for big accounts and small account to compete for the same rewards. The most active participants will be on the leaderboards regardless of size. And to their credit ATA have catered to this in the current event series by bringing back war token rewards and a mechanism linking blitz participation to the main event.

    In PvE the system created allows no such equality of opporunity when bc accounts can demonstrably get maximum items in ASOF on a single, partial unload.

    So while there is equality of opportunity in PvP the above clearly demonstrates that there is still no overall equality of opportunity in the main event. Being consistent top 100 in War and Blitzes would only get you half-way.

    Therefore the system is exclusive and rewards an incumbent elite, all the time, for their past activity, i.e. a semi-active big account has greater promo item earning power than a full-time mid-sized player.

    We're arguing that it should only be current activity that determines event leaderboards.

    Increasing the event rewards from Bronze Bars to Silver Bars may have been intended to allow newer players to grow faster, but by failing to address the event drop parameters the consequences have been widening inequality.

    But I quite agree: where's the motivation for continuing to play and grow (and spend) when the odds are so stacked against new entrants during all events, and no possibility of ever making it to the Leaderboard hall of fame.
  8. Your argument has no standing because events are not how much plunder someone can make. If that was the case, inevitably it would be a top spending BC account who would win.

    Events are about whoever can collect the most items, correct? So it logically stands (bar those who can drop many xtals) that the most active account should be able to collect the most rewards. That is only logical and exactly how an event should run.

    However, currently that's not how it works. It's more a 'We'll reward some accounts for the work they put in in the past, mean while smaller accounts who are actually putting in just as much effort if not more right now, will be considerably disadvantaged'.

    Events are not about how big you are or about your plunder earning capacity. Events are about participation.

    25 actions for drops? Needs to change. Again, your mentality of 'more for less' is incorrect. Large builds/BC get decent plunder for the size that they are. Not silly unbalanced event drops for minimal actions.

    You want to reward BC players for what they did in the PAST. However don't want to reward a smaller players for their efforts in HERE AND NOW.

    In that case, PvP and war need to change as well, as Individually has already explained.
  9. "SHE TAKES MY MONEYYY... WELL IM IN NEEEED... Yea she's a trifler... Yes indeed... Oh she a gold digger, way over time, Digging on me..."
  10. Are we getting event while S6 is on?
  11. Im not sure I want to participate in these events anymore.

    Imagine halfway through a football tournament, FIFA amend the rules regarding distance between the goalposts.

    If developers have changed their achievment requirments at chapter 5 then why should we waste our money on remaini g chapters.

    Its unjust to change the rules halfway through an event.
  12. They didn't change it partway through an event. They changed the drop rates through a series of events which basically means part way through a story as most events are the same. Does it actually matter whether or not you get the tier as you did in previous parts of the event?
  13. This change is a complete farce as it only affects att builds in my clan we have been comparing drops and they are just ridiculous in a AsoF yesterday I placed 9 with 214 hits for 409 drops the 4th place on the eb 180 hits for 931 drops explain the discrepancy Kezzer as the devs refuse to.
    Getting the same amount of drops does matter if you want the matching set,also the silver bars are needed to make up the gold lost to running the low paying AsoF because the devs refuse to release the new SVERUGANTI eb.
    The only imbalance in the game is the drop rate between builds as seen by looking at the top 10 on leader board,the top 100 should be listed which would further back up the imbalance that's going on.
  14. Everything they do is to increase the motivation for players to spend money. They did not like us older non spenders hitting 15k. It's that simple.

  15. Agree Boa! Kezzer, of course you don't see why it matters as your BC and a spy build so these changes haven't affected you in the least. But when you watch eb after eb clanmates getting 300-500 pieces more than you sometimes with less activity, also not having to crystal, well I think you would be singing a different tune on this! Also, no its not changing in the middle of a event, but yes changing this in the middle of a series matters alot to some. As this will affect some that have been reaching 10k and 15k or even lower tiered goals that will no longer be able to do so and therefore they get less sb's and a lower tier equipment. So devs should of waited to do any kind of adjustment after the series that would affect so many that have been working through this series just to make a certain goal that was obtainable to them with the amount of activity they can do!! And I mean really would it be fun for everyone to be spy builds, why in a event should this build give so much advantage to drops, I understand in warring different builds do different things, but in a event, there should be other factors that affect the drops more like your activity, the eb your hitting, and size. Again I'll say, the only building that should not help your drop are the towers (which are the none attack stat buildings) because they cause no damage to a eb!
  16. Why are we debating this in the Chapter Four thread?
  17. Honestly if you actually read any of my posts in relations to drop rates I always say that I agree build shouldn't matter excluding towers which should hurt your drop rates. Size, activity and the eb you hit is what should matter not what type of build you are. It's pretty simple logic and honestly reducing the drop rates means lower tier builds sure but honestly rewards from events are great as they are even at low tiers. I personally dislike the random equipment part of the event however some others like it. I think it's an interesting idea however after seeing some people get really awful equipment consecutively it does hurt some player's motivation.

  18. Builds should not matter Kezzer but explain why this happens,from our last ASoF

    I had 180 hits for 485 drops and I'm 214 mil cs att
    Anotherlayer had 169 hits and got 666 drops he is a 166 mil spy build

    Explain the balance and logic in this the devs screwed up big time in their new mbalancing act Y builds were getting higher drops before now it's just insane.
  19. Just read what I wrote for a second. I am agreeing with you that drops shouldn't be based on builds but somewhere in the formula it has given spy builds an edge. I personally want to see more variation in builds and currently most people are going down the hansel route (been hansel since I started before you mention my build :lol: ) and it's actually quite annoying because overall it ruins the game as there is less and less variation.