A Cast of Falcons: Chapter Four - The Last Checkpoint

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  1. I'm actually all for a decrease in the drop rates for asof/lotl. Not a huge one, but if max drop goes from 1300ish down to 1100ish, that's not going to keep folks from hitting 15k or keep the big clan hoppers from being on the leaderboard. It effects everyone the same.

    Where you will see an effect though is the large builds that can pull max drops in less unloads per eb. They lose a bit of their advantage and hopefully allows some of the smaller clans running 4-6 hour asof/lotl to keep with the clans running 2 hour (or 12 minutes).

    I doubt it will show up as any major change at all but a bit of balancing was in order I think.
  2. So is this the last chapter in this series? If so, how can we get a "complete set" if we only win 1 key per event, four events, but eight pieces of equipment?

    Or are you saying you would have to LB either war and/or drop paths every time in order to get a complete set?
  3. It would be good to see our so called Devs in their thread to explain their reasoning behind this move.Also if it's only the high end eb's that are affected.
  4. No, I think devs are saying smaller clans taking 4-6 hours for lotl/asof will also see the same drop reduction ...
  5. When is the deadline to use the equipment chest keys? I'm getting a small collection going.
  6. I suggested that there should be a certain amount of gold awarded for each event item collected to keep people making an effort beyond their reward targets... But yeah upsetting people by giving non-specific information about having messed with drop rates is fun too
  7. Where does it say this is the last event? Yes the title is "The Last Checkpoint" however that doesn't mean it's the last part...
  8. 1. Even with 4 war drops you would need exceptional luck to get a full set, since I'm told they repeat slots from the regular chests. i.e. you could have 4 rings and 2 helms right now if you placed top 100 in 3 wars and had horrid luck with both sets of chests.

    2. Just because this chapter is titled "last checkpoint" doesn't imply it's the last chapter of the story; every hero must go on a voyage, and there might be checkpoints along the way sure, but our hero still needs to learn a lesson, change in some way, and return home, which should be plenty for 4 more chapters (and an epilogue).
  9. I say if they are decreasing the drop rates, then they should increase rewards per tier. Due to it being harder to achieve now. Js
  10. "The Last Checkpoint" is the name of this chapter, but it's not the final chapter no.
  11. I thought the pop-up I got when logging on after the start of this most recent event said this was the "last chapter" or "final chapter" or something similar of this event . . . but I could be wrong.
  12. Thank you, Grant. My bad.

    **invokes image of Leslie Nielson standing in front of an exploding fireworks factory**

    Nothing to see here . . . move along!
  13. Either way half of sucker punch and top clans are going to get in top 100/500 whatever it is so it's just making it harder for smaller players
  14. Your smarter than Devs this won't affect top 10,50,100 it will only effect 15k, 10k peeps. Don't know how Devs came
    Up with this brilliant idea?? They probably did not like that why so many people are growing from silver bars from these events. That's why they raised the bar for smalls so they stay small instead of helping them to grow.
  15. Why do people keep saying this is the last one? Ever since the first event the devs said there would be enough events for you to get all 8 pieces that are offered.
  16. come on guys

    To be fair we been seeing 5/6 minute Lotl and Asof in TRAINS!!

    kind of think its directed at those ones being too fast haha not the length in eb clans

    Also people have forgotten - ebs are meant to be progressive - its only HTE reconditioned us to all levels doing the same ebs

    people worried about "the smaller players" losing out, well guess what - smaller players should be doing ebs for their size
  17. Did no one at ATA think this change through? It doesn't matter how much these big ebs drop, people are still going to them in the same amount of time placing everyone in the exact same spot on the leaderboard. If anything there is only a larger reason to do more 10 min lotl/asof trains. Everyone doing these ebs in a time frame like this or by clan hopping is getting leaderboard tier anyway. This change does nothing to impact how much the top players will make and only makes it more difficult for everyone else.
  18. Instead of decreasing... You should have just increased hte drop rate so that there is incentive to run it... The fact that people do not want to run hte should tell you (the devs) something...
  19. Exactly. You could probably add a few more higher level tiers as well and maybe even a top 250/500 as well. Sigh.
  20. There's no point in giving devs advice for next event. They already have the next 3 events planned out