A Cast of Falcons: Chapter Five - Search and Seizure

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  2. Exactly.

    I've questioned the devs about the difference between spy builds and attack builds and I got several different (bs) answers.

    The devs have no clue about balance in their own game. Every update enforces this.

    Half unload max drops needed to change. Hasn't changed a thing except maybe they need a whole unload instead?

    Once again a clear lack of testing and planning by the development team.
  3. I notice too often ppl gripe without stating their game playing style.

    At least state if u pvp or OSW or EE or simply eb only or many of these. It would put matters into a better perspective.

    Define your plan

    GL and Enjoy
  5. Wow!! Gonna be interesting Devs! Thanks :)
  6. Well u r not everyone and i could care a less what u think. Play the game kiddo.
  7. U cannot follow war records?
    I don't bother with checking in on u.
    After all u r in pout/tantrum mode r u not?
  8. Those in ASOF and LOTL clans, how are your drops going? Still significantly lower than previous for the same actions (approximately)?
  9. Devs, all I have to say is that I'm disappointed. I thought I was disappointed after you "rebalanced" drops last event, but this...WOW... I am actually at a loss for words.
  10. If active the whole EB(500+ hits) it drops 1000+ for sure. But i am not very happy with results from EBs on which i do 3-4-5 unloads. These give me roughly 1-1.3 event items per hit made.
  11. Depends on size as well. 298 actions 900+ items. I used crux with same hit ratio & 1.2 k its about the same as it was before with the second rebalance
  12. Thank you, Bat, I wasn't aware size would make a difference :roll:


    That's why I asked if there was a significant difference from the last event . My drops have been a lot lower. They've almost halved.

    I've only done two ebs so far without running any cruxes or dropping xtals. However my drops have been significantly lower. I suspect I'll need to close to max xtal on an eb to receive max drops. 252 actions for 315 drops on ASOF and 188 actions for 293 drops on LOTL. On previous event I would have received 500 at the least. It is a big difference.

    I haven't tested max xtals yet though but I will towards the end of the event.
  13. Honestly I'm glad drops were reduced because it was too easy for people to reach the top tiers. Yes smaller players will get lower tiers but isn't that a good way to encourage growth?
  14. Kezzer, the problem is

    1 why do this in the middle of a on going series, people were getting certain level equipment because of how they were dropping already? Now there will be people that can not obtain those same levels!

    2 why can a spy build that is smaller than me make ALOT bigger drop than me for less actions? If its going to be rebalanced why not for all, I have worked just as hard to build my kingdom, I don't think for events I should be penalized because I choose to go attack build! I understand for war and what not builds serve different purposes, but a event shouldn't be based on your type of build (towers, since it dont have attack stats should be the only building that may affect your event drops) rather your size, the eb, and your activity, IMO!

    3 I am over all a very active person on kaw, I don't go for the top 10 or 100 in these events because I just don't have nor want to spend that kind of money on this game, but I do spend some. Someone should not have to use crystals every eb to hit the 15k tier if they are active IMO, granted I was getting 25-20k as was before, but I did use crystals and crux chest at times to do so. I will use crystals this time but atm still concerned I may not make the 15k, but watch others do less than I am and easily reach this goal.

    So I don't agree with this so called fair rebalance, matter of fact I haven't seen a fair part about it yet!
  15. I think a event should be fair for all players, but it isnt anymore.
    Where are the borders of small or big ? Isnt it so, that big players near bc have enough advantages in the game opposite to the smaller ones? Im playing now for over three years but never the game was so unfair as now. I really was happy to reach 10k of items with hitting,hitting ,hitting.....but now....its only frustating to see that i cant reach this goal anymore.
  16. 'Too easy'?. Huh, interesting. I suppose half an unload for max drops is difficult?

    Players should be rewarded based on the effort they put into an event. Irrespective of build size or type.

    But yes this definitely encourages growth. Allowing players to reach a certain tier for several chapters just to find a few weeks down the track that suddenly they can't reach that tier anymore despite putting in the same amount of time and effort as previous events.

    That sounds more to me like it encourages players to leave the game.

    If a player puts the effort in to be super active, they should stand to receive the best rewards (not talking about top x tiers).

    This is not the rebalancing players were asking for. We were asking to stop the fact that BC players can hit 30 times and receive max drops while others were active for the whole eb and still weren't receiving max drops. Instead they have screwed over every other mid sized and non BC player.

    I know what you're going to say though. A BC player should get the top rewards just because they're BC. They have earnt it. Wrong. Events should be about the time and effort put into to collect whatever the items are in that two week period. Plunder is a BC players due. Not an unbalanced reward system . Be realistic though. ASOF and LOTL did have the best drops. Obviously if you can't hit those ebs, you're not going to get the best drops. However that is beside the point. If I can hit those ebs and I can keep active enough to get to 15k, I should be able to. At the ease of a BC player? Of course not. But atm it's not just a difference because it is a 500M CS account and 100M CS account. It is beyond build size. It is severely and unnecessarily imbalanced. Of course BC players will always have some advantages. They get the best plunder. They hit the hardest. They're (generally) a part of the strongest clans. They have funds that likely exceed the rest of the player base. That is exactly what their 'reward' is for being BC. That is the reward they get for growing their Kingdom and completing it. However events are open to every single player. BC players will naturally stand to have an easier time of it because they can get in to the best clans running the best ebs as fast as possible. Nobody disputes that. That is their advantage over the rest of the player base. But to have such an unfairly balanced system? That is the problem.

    It isn't so easy for players who aren't in LB clans to reach the 15k tier. Smaller to mid sized players have to work a helluva lot harder to reach that tier. If they can be active enough to do it, they should get those rewards. It still takes effort.

    Such an elitist attitude. Let's do some math. Events are usually 2 weeks long. There are 52 events in a year. That will be at max 26 events in a year. Let's say a small player reached 15k every single time. That's 52k silver bars which is equal to 117T. How much does it cost to BC? Over 500T. So in one year a player will barely have reached 1/4 of the way to BC (excluding eb earnings of course). By the time that year is over more lands will be released and those who were already BC will become BC again in a matter of days or weeks and suddenly it'll cost 1Q to to BC. See? Don't worry. The bigs will always be the bigs. The LB will always be the LB. That does not change because a non BC player can hit 15k.

    Why is rewarding players for their time and effort in an event such a problem? Devs have really screwed over the player base who isn't BC. In an attempt (I'm assuming) to prevent these miniscule amounts of hits getting max drops, they've screwed the rest of the player base up instead.

    Yes though, it's too easy for some of us to get those tiers. Who cares if the player actually was super active and put time and effort in? Who cares if they had to be active right till the very end? They're not BC or a big enough account, they shouldn't get those rewards!

    I'd like to suggest a new event system. One where the max amount of items possible to collect is capped based on CS. Great idea, right?
  17. Exactly!!
  18. I usually made the 15k target with the time dropping each event as I grew,the last event I made it with a day n a half to spare,so far I'm almost half from the last event and at this rate I will be lucky to reach 10k even using the crux I have left over.
    Also I'm now losing gold from hitting the poor gold paying AsoF and our glorious leaders,devs,in their wisdom still will not release the new Sveruganti eb,so it's a double kick in the butt less gold,growth,and less drops which helped make up the gold loss from AsoF.
  19. Cat pelts look much better on the catsÓźÜ
  20. Personally I think that unless you are over 200mcs you should struggle to reach the top tier rewards without spending. If you are active 12+ hours a day you should be able to make 15k as someone who is 150mcs or higher. Eb events reward the big players and make smaller players have a reason to grow. Personally I like to think of it like this.

    Are you BC? If yes then the eb side of the event will be easy if you do lotl/asof. If not compare your stats to that of a BC player. If you are less than 1/4 of the cs of a BC player then without spending you should struggle to get 15k items. If you do pvp and wars then you can make up the difference there however. This actively encourages players to war so it's not a bad thing.

    Also I don't know enough about the difference in drops between builds however I do agree that certain types of builds shouldn't be favored. If they are tower heavy then that's fair enough because towers are meant to reduce eb rewards.

    I agree that no build should get full drops from lotl/asof from less than an unload even with crux running. It completely undermines the work others put in. I think big players should get higher drops but not so much that it becomes ridiculous.