A Cast of Falcons: Chapter Eight - Interregnum

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Really so I guess he was imagining too?
  2. I won 2000 heavanchanters from pvp and its not showing up on my account
  3. Oh wait. NevermindXD
  4. Because mods are told ahead of time about events. It's not just speculation either, karma slipped up once and spilled the beans on a new event before it was even out!
  5. That's not true. I have never been told about any event before it has been released.

    If you look back at past event threads, you'll see that I've been making these event drop threads, and that was before I became a moderator.
  6. Anyone know if this is last event in series?
  7. It's probably the last one, as there are 8 equipment (and this is the 8th event).
  8. It may be in this series, but chances are we are gonna get a reskin of the same event anyway so what's the difference, lel.
  9. Hope we get a reskin of this, I only understood what this whole event is only this chapter due to my inactivity and laziness and I put effort only in this one, lel. Silver Bars are so good, we need more.
  10. Give it two weeks, your dreams will come true :lol:
    Although it'll probably be a Inferno/Aqua event since everyone has been requesting one
  11. when do rewards get sent sent out
  12. Rewards will probably be out in about 40 minutes! :)
  13. I spent all my silver bars and forgot to buy a mp ally and troop building :(

    Aqua and inferno event next please?
  14. One more event please i need 1 more token too ug my banner
  15. Those rewards are gold? they can sent to my home by Mail? And I will sell it.
  16. Can't open the chests. ?? Why?
  17. It's no longer possible to open the event box, because the event has ended.
  18. Will there be another event this weekend or are we waiting alil while for one??
  19. I mean I can't get my reward open, I have the keys, but I can't seem to get my rewards open. Contacted ATA, but no response