A Cast of Falcons Chapter 6: Let's talk the change

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by [ATA]Charlie, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Nice april fools joke wait its not april?
  2. Thanks for having such a civil conversation about this! I appreciate it.

    My passion for the game sometimes makes me rush a little head strong

    I think Monkey has some wisdom that I, as a greater ape, will try and learn from.
  3. Some people are loyal to their clans and aren't just going to up and leave.

    Charlie, I appreciate you trying to make changes. However this is demonstrating another lack of planning on the devs part.

    I had a quick flick through the other thread. What I'd like to know is why you were hurting the mid builds again? First an unfair event drop change and then an unfair plunder drop?

    I think you have gone about this the wrong way. Event drops are the problem because players shouldn't be unloading once for max drops.

    As others said, present your ideas first where able. This was a really random plunder drop! :lol:
  4. I don't understand you want us to feel like a part of something yet you make the changes and then ask us why not ask us first and then if it's a positive feedback then make the changes you act like the United States government whoops we got caught
  5. Agreed. Ask questions first screw up everyone's game later!

    I think ultimately if you want to help close the gap then do that - but you can't be seen to "protect" your high rollers, boost the half hearted players and screw over everyone on the middle.

    If you want to make a positive impact increase plunder and payout.

    Maybe come up with other ways to make money - ebs are great, events too - but I liked the betting dynamic.

    1 nobility lottery tickets to win gold lump sums.

    CR, plunder and drops shouldn't be affected by build - just CS (excluding plunder drop for towers which is understandable).

    It's sickening that my hansel makes so much more than my attack build when they have the same amount of towers.
  6. The event drop change was fine. Equipment + banner + cruxes makes up for sb rewards being close. tbh.... sb doesn't mean jack for large builds... it's all about the gold crux.
  7. The kawmunity likes you Charlie. You need to build on this relationship as there are lots of ppl here with some simple and great suggestions to improve kaw who will provide all the feedback you need.
  8. Good job on being willing to step back.

    I don't see why the plunder / drop rates can't be like they were in Chapters 1-4, and keep plunder at the same rate. I would put the cap in for people jumping clans and unloading for full items - that isn't fair.

    The additional sb is nice, but I think more important is the everyday earnings of the grinders. Right now it takes me 3 days of full activity to earn enough for one upgrade, which doesn't seem to really improve my plunder. This is discouraging since I know once I finish the 450B / 500B upgrades it will take me even longer...
  9. Something I would like to say:

    I don't like copy and paste events either. I want to change them and will change them. But let's follow the model of Ts_MonKey-NuTs_Ts and I am going to discuss these intentions with you guys

    Maybe something we can both offer each other is some patience, I will not change things in such drastic and jarring ways again, and if you could help me by waiting for and talking through things you want I feel we could do this better.
  10. Same

  11. The whole point of the change was to balance the drops across the board, give correct power vs troop ranking and improve and give incentive to move up instead of sitting still, I was more than glad to take a pay cut to receive these changes. Hopefully you cancel the New eb release until this current issue is worked out.
  12. Naturally it was fine for you. You're a BC spy build. It didn't effect you.

    My drops were halved whenever I went to hit ASoF and LOTL yet BC builds still had minimal hits for maximum drops. Yet smaller spy builds with less actions than me were getting more drops. As always.

    Drops have needed a rework for a long time. Again though, lack of planning hurt players. BC were fine. As always.

    They should have stopped the one unload max drops problem. Not hurt every other non BC player in the process. Plunder is your due for your build size, not an unfair event drop system.
  13. I appreciate Charlie's interaction.
    The KaWmunity is better for it.

  14. I think your on the right track and doing a good job but screwing with peoples plunder is very touchy ground. People work hard and spend money to get their plunder up, to have it dropped is infuriating
  15. This is great. Thank you.

    The community understands you can't implement everything we ask for. However communication goes a long way to working on getting things right.
  16. Simply up drops on smaller ebs and that will help the smalls do better
    Improve the game by organising better wars !!!
  17. Charlie you are by far the best dev Kaw has, you engage well with the kawmmunity and are well liked, your presence in the forums is generally always positive, it's nice to see that ata does care about our opinions and that you aren't afraid to admit when you've made a mistake and fix it. I think changes led by you in future will be a good thing because you're listening to the players, not just those than spend money... Maybe the rest of the team could learn a thing or two from you :)
  18. Wasnt there normally 1 continental token for 5000 tier?? If not this is gonna affect me getting next banner level i swear it was there before..
  19. Community events are always well received.
    If you want to change events and promote communities and clan loyalty then have clan rewards for overall combined event items of every member of the clan.