A Button To Use All Armies and Spies

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  1. Instead of the annoying...*tap**tap**tap**tap**tap**tap**tap**tap*
    All spies used
    All armies used

    How about two buttons. One for your armies and one for the spies; To use however many you have available! To be able to send all of your army with just one botton...that would be amazing! Maybe an option to use a certain percentage of what you have available!
    Tapping all day long is just annoying and tedious.
    AND of course..it will only be used for EBs.. What do you think KAW?!
  2. You must’ve not been around when the “repeat action” was not an option in the game. Sure the continuous tap tap tap can be annoying, but, it’ll keep botting to a minimum especially since pc is being discontinued soon. The tapping takes at most 1-2 minutes and you don’t even have to look at the screen to do it. Just tap away mate...
  3. I remember doing ebs in the short time before the repeat action button existed. Early ebs, that include item phases. Oof. The repeat action button is a blessing.

    The "dump all" button has been brought up a lot in the past. Pros, it would be extremely convenient. Cons, it would be veeeeeery easy to run too many accounts, and people would probably log in for shorter amounts of time.
  4. Good god I still have nightmares over doing the item phase of Depraved without repeat action😰
  5. instead of going maybe implement a button to hold down instead? (just tossing ideas around)
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  6. @Spent-OnThe-Battlefield might have a decent twist on this. If you hold the button it unloads at a specified rate (ie 1 tap/second)

    Would likely need to be implemented for EB only, as this would tilt the war world way too much
  7. Omg before repeat action button this game was aweful lol
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