A Basic Guide for Off System Wars

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  1. Excellant guide, I recommend it to anyone entering OSW for the first time.
    On that note I don't believe SDP is important for anyone with >100 bil in allies. It just isn't economical. The ammount of steals required to take 50% of a MP strip is, roughly, the same number of hits as to burn that value in pots. For that reason targets with mp allies and SDP are more practical to burn than strip.
  2. Not 1% It's 0.1%, so 0.001
    This is accurate

    You lose 25% with 180-360 steals, depending on the size of who is stealing from you. So unless you're a clan target or are in a 1on1 that lasts more than a few hours, it's best not to bank your gold.

    (You lose 50% with 440-870 steals and 75% with 870-1800 steals, also depending on who is stealing from you)

  3. Bump for Kingdoms of the Forgotten newbs. God knows they'll need it.
  4. Cg and I mentioned that the person who made this thread is Meisha on Page 5. It's currently her kaw name too, but inactive
  5. This is helpful osw guide :)
  6. Great thread but can you or someone make a complete osw guide. Including stuff from osw terms/slangs to osw builds. Meaning a guide that includes almost everything to do with osw
  7. Question for ya:

    Can you lock rosters after the war starts?
  8. It would be a great idea if Kaw make Estoc war trials for low stats like me, where we can receive small equips, but it will only last for 3 Weeks. I'm just suggesting this
  9. Great guide I don't war but in case I get into one i know what to do know
  10. Awesome guide. Can't wait til I can gets my war on! *searches for ppl on that 3rd party app in advance*
  11. Good thread. This is how I war. Well most of it.
  12. Farming for posts? Why not start a thread? Or a talk show...