A Basic Guide for Off System Wars

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  1. Wow I just read that all lol. Nice work!
  2. An oldie but a goodie. Nice bump.
  3. Was expecting to come on here and see a comment from Apoc like "Bumping this for zaft.. they'll need it"
  4. I've been doing it wrong
  5. Support
  6. Thanks for the guide
    Needed a crash course in osw
  7. Great guide :D
  8. Waaaaaa waaaaaaa they banned me waaaaaa waaaa^
  9. Take ur complain to support. Or u can also vent by telling ur boyfriend/mentor fatso about it.
  10. alts are a thing. mods have them.
  11. Mmmm... from my little skirmishes im sure a guild can still burnpots from a towered spy by being able to steel even when the target has no money out and zs. Can a 3mil guild with good bfe and bfa clarify this for me.ty

  12. Honestly, i been at OSW for 5 years now and i haven't spent more then 1T on Spy Defense pots in those 5 years combined. (Probably mostly for system wars).
    Why? You may ask.

    It's simple, i got one word for you: INEVITABILITY.

    Yep, that's right. Someday, at some point during any OSW you will be stripped, and it's not gonna matter how much gold you got invested in SDP. There will be so much steals coming in your news that you'll go from 10k-0 in less then 30 minutes. Especially with the spy attack BFE that everyone has today. I can rearrange my BFA to the point where i have 181m SPY ATTACK BFE. Anyways, times have changed with HTE around and stripping on small scale just isn't an effective strategy anymore. Besides, ide rather spend that 1T on spy attack pots or strip funds, because in those 2 cases i decide when my gold is used, not some other clan who decides to burn 1T in my SDP. At that point the jokes on me and i'm the idiot who wasted 1T knowing it would all go bye bye, quite possibly in my sleep.
  13. Hey man who is at war
  14. This helped me understand more about wars
  15. off system warring?
  16. 10k-0 is 30mins?

    if you had that many people trying to strip you there wouldn't even be a point in trying to avoid it :lol:
  17. ... that was their point.
  18. I want to WAR!