A Basic Build Guide: Revamped

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  1. Im balanced and need to upgrade more and more
  2. Great, thanks for the guide, really help me out for ll war. :))
  3. Nice thread great job
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  7. Wat is PvP I can't find it
  8. This thread is isn't even completely accurate. I think I just got a bit of cancer.
  9. When you bump a 2 year old guide to trash on it...
  10. Theoretically speaking, how would you get everything the same in all 4 categories?
    1m troop attack/1m attack defense
    1m spy attack/1m spy defense
  11. Just look at the stats of each building and add it up. It really depends on what you want to build where.
  12. I really liked this guide, but as a new player trying to decide what build I want it would be great to see some information about what each build is good for in comparison to others. My interests specifically are. "Where is a pure spy build better than a pure soldier build?" And "what's the difference between attack and defence soldiers, do you need as many towers if your using defence soldiers?" Thanks for your time

  13. Pure spies are nice because you can often hit players and have them not be able to tell who it was, and they are handy during strips.

    Attack builds are nice because attack buildings have more stats, so an attack build will seem bigger.

    As far as towers go, they are nice to have in war and in general, but some will decrease plunder. If your using defence troops then i would still have as many towers, otherwise it will be easy to pin you.

  14. Thanks heaps for the feedback, do you know which build is best for EB plunder?
  15. Good guide, sending my newbies to look it over. Seems like it might need updated though op.
  16. I have seen a massive increase in a build which is basically all towers, but player builds 1x level 1 guild to hit ebs. Totally useless for eb clans such as the one I am in. I suspect the build has a name, does anyone know what it is?

    I have heard that the build gets good event drops, but my view is I don't want it in clan even if it meets our cs requirements
  17. Let's call it a 0 stat max drop glitch build.
    Half an unload and the guild sold before EB ends guarantees max NK drops. Why? Because ATA cannot be arsed fixing it.

    Example of such build: