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    ○•°Tokyo ghouls a family clan°•○

    ☆Through many challenges and hardships we have now climbed our way back up. As A strong family we are looking for new members to keep flourishing. We aim to grow and are shooting for ranks on leader boards :evil:☆.

    A bit about us; We are starting up Lotl and goth rotation's.CC is active friendly very helpful.
    We also are a safe haven to learn and grow and a neutral clan


    Clan owner
    -Rosiel Crow

    Council -
    1.Han solo
    6.darth shakes
    8.ashy slasy

    Everyone has a role in our family and we always take care of our own. So if your looking for that place you just want to relax have fun and grow join us!
  2. Good job
  3. Support,great clan & great people :)
  4. Damn good job Rosie :)
  5. Thanks so much
  6. Bomb AF Rosie 
  7. Good clan. I will be coming back soon.
  8. ♡♡♡♡♡
  9. Good luck with the clan! I will visit soon.
  10. ♡Thanks cheechee
  11. Lol your really working for your clan I can respect that
  12. Thanks my clan deserves the credit they are an amazing bunch of people who are my family :D
  13. Whoop Whoop 
  14. stay on your own forums:p
  15. Support to your clan
  16. I thought it was an animu/Manga discussion ;~;