9 Years

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  1. And somewhat surprised to see things are still going on here. But why are you?
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    Galaxy the nub
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    iGal  hai
  4. This game has devolved into nothing more than a gambling app. Rushing to spend money on legends events to unlock items and stats and then do nothing with said stats. Devs keep doing the bare minimum here because so many people keep spending money on this game but don’t ask why the devs don’t do anything. Devs are laughing all the way to the bank
  5. 9 years...sheesh :| why are we all still around :lol:
  6. Dang you've got me beat by a couple of weeks. The game's mediocre but the community's fun. It's a very different game than when we started though. I miss some of the camraderie of the old clans, but you do meet more people now. I also wish the old forum guys were still around... this place is a graveyard now.
  7. well done chief