9 Year Anniversary!

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  1. It will vanish. If you do not use it you will lose it.
  2. yeah I definitely misread everything lol
  3. So, essentially, use it and be locked out of game until it expires or don’t use it and lose it completely? That’s absurd. What a horrible birthday event thing. Should have just let it pass without a peep.
  4. Bravo on making all epics promo. I still think that should be standard practice and not just reserved for premiums. But this is a good start

  5. I Have not used mine yet, devs have already said they will resolve any issues if you have any so if it goes wrong send a ticket. They will manually compensate players.

    Take a SS and use it as a background image on your device if you wish then it will be there as long as you wish.

    Anything free is a good gesture, equally it is impossible to please everyone.
  6. Lol, I’m not sending any tickets. This was a free thing that obviously glitched out. I don’t care about it, I only asked because it would be nice to have as part of a collection. Nonetheless, we all know what happens when you send in tickets. 

    As for my background image, it’s not of KaW and it would be irrelevant to have anything KaW related as a picture for my background.

    Lastly, I’m neither pleased nor displeased, I was simply asking a question regarding the chest. Thanks, Dave. 
  7. Activated anniversary chest with grey and gold crux was booted out of KaW for over half hour. When I got back in anniversary chest didn’t give any extra boost to plunder. Happy anniversary kaw and screwed it up again.
  9. The chest says it’s 11. 

  10. I've still got my year 8 chest just can't open them
  11. Back pay is not happening :(, got chests back but that's it....
  12. I haven’t got chests back ? 
  13. Hello Rebel, Devs was manually fixing the issue. Did you manage to send feedback to Devs via the ticket system?
  14. Yesterday I tried to open my anniversary crux along with a grey, and gold crux. Then it took me over an hr to figure out how to re-Load my KaW. I lost over an hr of crux time and my xtals were wasted on a lower % plunder bonus, this is the message send to support  just like ASW nothing back,what a waste of time and effort.
  15. Can someone confirm if the problem has been fixed yet?
  16. Too bad they stamped a big Roman numeral 11 on the 9th anniversary .box

  17. Teddy, because of the nature of the bug, it was difficult to trace. May I suggest you send in a ticket. Devs will manually compensate rather than compensate all. If you need any help pm me.
  18. So, any insights as to why this says “11”, and not “9”. The Roman Numeral for 9 is IX, not XI.
  19. I do believe it’s the multiplier of the anniversary why it says 11 or “XI” so the 11 x the 9 = the 99% bonus it gives ;)