9 Year Anniversary!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Winston, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Well said!
  2. Lets keep it going for another 9 years. All those negative peeps just quit do the rest of kaw a favour
  3. Happy Anniversary KAW, ty for sharing the celebration with us!!! :) Its been a joy playing and look forward to playing in the years to come!!
  4. Lolz after wasting so much money n filling ur pockets for 9yrs u just came up only with this ??
  5. Since promo iOS is crashing on start up
  6. Does this 99% bonus include current ebs running when we got to the 12pm pst today?
  7. Kaw continually crashing on devices due to this promo i guess
  8. Ios crash after buying chest. Cleared data and rebooted. No luck
  9. The bonus we are receiving on EB's is not actually 99%. I have done some quick calculations and I am only receiving about a 50% eb plunder bonus. Please investigate this quickly and back pay those that have already opened their anniversary chests and cruxes.
  10. Think there is a problem with the plunder bonus given to EBs. I’m receiving close to same bonus as last premium EB promo. Please look into, i could be wrong! 90% sure there’s a problem though.
  11. I am too
  12. same here
  13. Opened all Cruz including anniversary and KaW wouldn’t open until the anniversary expired. Thanks obama! But seriously... wtf.
  14. Well that chest was useful. Kept me out of the game until it expired. Sent in ticket, I expect lip service or some token response. Great job ATA as usual.
  15. Also locked out of game. Was able to log onto laptop and get some hits in.
  16. The 99% chest is only going to increase your base plunder, it isn’t going to apply to the 99% increase they added to all ebs. So yes, it is only going to seem like 50% because you’re already making double the gold
  17. Only discussing base plunder increase, not chest .
  18. We aren’t talking about the chest. I have not used my chest yet and I still only saw a 50% plunder increase, not the advertised 99%.
  19. Can we just save the anniversary chest? I see it says it “EXPIRES”, but does that mean we will lose it completely? I’d like to keep it for my collection considering many players have been locked out of the game after using theirs.