9 Year Anniversary!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Winston, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. I wished devs have added 99% plunder on PvP in kaw without casting woc for 24 hours purge. Maybe someday will happen we can only keep wishing
  2. If not unlimited maybe you can increased to 48 or 72???
  3. One 99% anniversary chest for 99 minutes? Why not go with the “9 theme,” where are the other eight?
  4. Thanks for marking the anniversary though, I’ve met a lot of people around the world I wouldn’t have otherwise known. It’s still the best part of KaW :)
  5. Please lift xtal limit so I can spend lots of money thank you
  6. No, keep the xtal limit right where it is tyvm. This promo is messy enough as it is, with regards to us having a promo very recently.
  7. forget the promo goodies for just a second and contemplate this...

    9 years!! it's a minor miracle!

    thanks community for fighting and being awesome and the dev for staying creative!!


  8. Lift the xtl limits plz ty
  9. Is the 99% bonus only at the end of eb? Cause at the moment I'm not feeling a 99% bonus..... Unless it doesnt stack properly!
  10. 9 is a great number! 9 planets (yes Pluto is still a planet!) ... 9 rings of power given to men, thus 9 ring-wraiths ... 9 months in human pregnancy ... 9 innings in baseball ... 9 personalities in the Enneagram ... 9 square feet in a square yard ... 9 Supreme Court Justice positions (Kavanaugh rocks!!!) ... 9 lives in a cat ... 9 doors to the human body in yoga ... 9 episodes of Star Wars movies ... and now, 9 years of KAW!!! Congrats ATA
  11. We should get 9 xtals
  12. We dont talk about starwars 7-9, there are only 6 episodes
  13. Hahaha I wish we could at LEAST get an alternate universe version in book form how George Lucas planned it originally!
  14. Happy Birthday KAW, you are now old enough to play yourself!
  15. Lmao, you have a 1 year badge, what exactly can’t you believe? Are you surprised KaW has lasted this long? I don’t get it.
  16. But still not old enough to play WITH yourself so drop you're rocks and grab your socks you filthy hairy palmed animals!!

    Happy Birthday
  17. Happy B-day Charms at War 
  18. I think the xstals cap should be removed as well for this
  19. Why still xstal cap? Profit margin again?