9 Year Anniversary!

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  1. Can't believe it's been 9 years! Join us in celebrating Kingdoms at War 9th Anniversary!

    Thanks to our amazing players Kingdoms at War is almost a whole decade old!

    To celebrate this amazing achievement, we've got a number of goodies in store for you.

    9th Year Achievement

    (Available on September 15th)

    Players who reach their 9th year of playing Kingdoms at War will receive the new 9 Year Veteran Achievement, providing an additional +1% to all stats.

    9th Anniversary Gifts!

    (Available until 9/19 @ 12PM PDT)
    The next time you log in to Kingdoms at War (before 12PM PDT on September 19th) you'll receive a variety of anniversary goodies including...

    Health Crystal x3
    3 free Health Crystals to aid you in battle!

    9th Anniversary Crux Chest
    A Special Anniversary Crux Chest that provides a 99% Plunder Bonus (99 minutes) from Epic Battles. This spell also stacks with Regular and Golden Crux Chests.

    Note: 9th Anniversary Crux Chests expire at 12PM PDT on Friday September 21st, so be sure to use them before that time. More specifically, the keys will be unavailable to purchase at that time.

    ALL EB 99% Promo!

    (9/15 @ 12:00 PM PDT - 9/19 @ 5:30PM PDT)

    Enjoy 99% Bonus Plunder from ALL epic battles completed!

    PS - Yes I know I posted a little bit early x)
  2. -yawn-

    Ya all suck
  3. 9 years event! Weird to think I've been playing kaw for 6 of them on and off. Thanks for the memories everyone.
  4. Unlimited Xtals?
  5. Still a regular xtal limit :eek: sorry!
  6. No fireworks this year?
  7. Then what’s the point? Why give a random event with unlimited but not Birthday an actual big event!
  8. Boo! Why not lift the limit on xstals? This is suppose to be a special event.
  9. Life xstal limit pls and thanks
  10. Nice that you are finally providing a plunder bonus to all ebs. Maybe lift the xstal limit on non premium ebs. Seems you would stand to make a good deal in xstal money from normaly free epics.
  11. If we was to Cast gold & silver crux thats 300% bonus then 99 % crux, plus 99% eb Bonus. Thats 498% bonus not counting BR and Fate bonus.

    Thats a lot of Bonus.

    By opening xtals that could be crazy amounts of gold.

    Even with 6 xtals per eb we stand to make a substantial amount of gold I dont blame ATA for keeping xtal limit.

    Don't get me wrong it would be amazing to lift the xtal limit, I dont think it would actually increase sale of xtals as Devs give xtals out way more than they ever have.

    I am greatful for what we have... I must admit some funny pots would be nice. The fireworks prior was brilliant.
  12. Kingdom of No match
  13. Agree
  14. Thank you devs
  15. Thank you ATA I still believe in you. 
  16. I'd prefer if xtal limit was removed... But it's good that the plunder bonus applies to normal ebs as well. Good to allow everyone to enjoy it.
  17. This makes me happy and sad, good on you ATA nonetheless.
  18. Thanks and cheers to more years of forward minded vision!
  19. maybe next year it no xtal jail 100% all ebs happy b day kaw