8th Anniversary Festivities!

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  1. Can't believe it's been 8 years! Join us in celebrating Kingdoms at War 8th Anniversary!

    Thanks to all you wonderful players Kingdoms at War is half way to getting it's own Canadian Driver's License (have to be 16...).

    To celebrate this amazing achievement, we've got a number of goodies in store for you.

    8th Year Achievement

    (Available Now)

    Players who reach their 8th year of playing Kingdoms at War will receive the new 8 Year Veteran Achievement, providing an additional +1% to all stats.

    8th Anniversary Gifts!

    (Available until 9/18 @ 12PM PDT)
    The next time you log in to Kingdoms at War (before 12PM PDT on September 18th) you'll receive a variety of anniversary goodies including...

    Health Crystal
    A free Health Crystal to aid you in battle!

    88 Anniversary Fireworks
    88 Firework Potions to celebrate in style with your friends (or enemies). These potions are just for fun, and send a special message to the person they're used on.

    8th Anniversary Crux Chest
    A Special Anniversary Crux Chest that provides a 88% Plunder Bonus (88 minutes) from Epic Battles. This spell also stacks with Regular and Golden Crux Chests.

    Note:8th Anniversary Crux Chests expire at 12PM PDT on Monday September 18th, so be sure to use them before that time.

    ALL EB 88% Promo!

    (9/15 @ 5 PM PDT - 9/18 @ 5PM PDT)

    Enjoy 88% Bonus Plunder from ALL epic battles completed!
  2. Woo happy birthday kaw
  3. If only that wasn't counted as spam and could get you forum banned
  4. Unlimited xstal?
  5. No 88 free building upgrades?
  6. Should of been 88 xystals
  7. Where's nk I need to reach 40k smh
  8. The notification for all this when logging on says the 88% bonus ends Sept 8,typo
  9. ^ also why did you convert my 7th anniversary fire works as well? I was keeping them as collectables but you converted them...
  10. Happy birthday  thank you for the gifts 
  11. nom nom nom
  12. 88% plunder bonus for 88 minutes, 88 fireworks, 88% for all ebs. Jesus are you guys even trying? Where is the creativity? Constantly making the game easier isn't going to help it stay alive.

    I expect more from you all.
  13. Happy 8th anniversary KaW! Thanks for the gifts!
  14. :/ so no buyable attack items will be added?
  15. You expected something from them?
  16. Happy Anniversary KAW! Thanks for the gifts!
  17. Cry me a river tho
  18. Yay I get my 8 year badge soon <3