7 Bully/Farm Problems to never start playing this game

Discussion in 'Wars' started by sojuster, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. @A1

    It's so hard to choose between the two!! LMAO 

  2. Oh my god. I was working on tiling my basement and I came across this gem of a thread. (puts trowel down and gets to work on this post.

    Soinds like you're utilizing growth through EB. Well done. 3;-)

    60 hits??? (feigns shock)
    Loser? Sounds like he's "winning" to me.
    Obvious statement is obvious
    You must belong to a craptacular clan!
    Maybe they got sick and tired of helping you all the time.
    So now you're a beggar.
    How can e protect you if you don't tell them who is hitting you??? (face palm)
    (feigns shock again)
    How do you "desperately" click an attack button? (curious)
    This is the first laudable action you have done. It seems to have taken for ever, but you are now playing KaW! HORRAY!!!!!!!
    Oooooo..... And then you commit a slamming violation. Lol. FAIL.
    Spam = vandalism. If we kept you slide, then we'd have to let everyone go. Is that fair? Just because you are getting a few (yes, 60 is only a few) hits does not exempt you from the rules of the game.
    Thank god.
    (moose rubs throbbing vein in forehead)
    This is a statement about game mechanics, not a "reason" (face palm)
    wrong. Players (I refuse to use the word "bully" are protected from vandalism and spam, as well as vulgarities and legitimate threats against their health and well being. Do you seriously wish to neuter your ability to clean your own wall of the spam morons out on it? Do you really think your wall should always be open to Players who are annoying???
    SUMMARY OF THIS STATEMENT: "Players who are stronger than me are stronger than me!"
    There is so much to tear apart here. Let's see...... Pay attention to your game and when a player (not a bully) buys an ally, you can hire a new one!!! As for it being able to afford mith, we,come to the world of poverty! Poverty sucks. Best you learn that here in KaW as opposed to real life. Finally, if you don't Jane 3G or 4g on your tablet, that is not anyones concern but your own. Inadequate equipment is never an excuse.

    Top clans (ISS, any zaft clan, last rights, CR, iG, voodoo, just to name a few) are all filled with professionals who okay hard and have good hardware. Why should they help put a beggar who only wants to use them for protection? People have generally farmed them selves into those clans and have proven themselves to be quality players. Anyone who cries about 60 little hits is not worthy. Their judgement seems perfectly sound to me.
    Wow. Bigger kingdoms earn more money from EB! But I'll tell you a little secret. Big players will find that you pay for crap. There is no advantage to hitting a small account t like yours aside from the enjoyment of engaging you in war. If you learn to play the game correctly, you may even learn to enjoy this. You make waaaaay more money hitting bigger players. Bank your money in attack pots, fight from a pin. Earn money off your attacker. You'll find that people who actually make war can become good friends. I've made friends with people hi have hit, as wells those who have hit me. The real problem is that you are making excuses and not war.
    Takes deep drink of the noob tears shed in this thread and reads on
    Player gets payed in crap and noob tears for his trouble
    Player protected from nerd rage and spam/vandalism
    Plauer has ability to utilize superior forces to earn a crap paycheck
    If hitting you made you stronger, that would be breathtakingly stupid.
    Reading crap like this makes all of us poorer
    There's a clan named jackass??? I MUST JOIN IT!
    Players get to make war in a war game.
    The game mechanics allow you to help your self, so long as you have a small clue how to play.
    There is is. All you wanna do is EB in a war game. Sigh..... I knew we'd get to this eventually.
    How do you know he has no life? He may be perfectly happy, and dating super models. He may even have 3G! Lol. 3G would allow him to date people, hang our with friends, and drink a beer while casually pulling out his phone to hit you. 3G Is liberating! You reeeeaaaly should get it.
    That's called a pin
    No. It's pretty much just whining.
    Lol. If you spent 3 solid months doing nothing but KaWing, then you need to quit anyway. Go see what us light looks like.
    Please do. It will help curb the noob infestation
    The apps possition in the istore would contradict this statement.
    Most will agree that "luck" has nothing to do with attaining HLBC status
    See last point.....
    I play KaW because it entertains me. If you are not entertained, what were you for the last 3 months???
    BULLIES FTW!!!!!!
  3. So who was the farmer?
  4. Damn big post Moose, but so true.
  5. 60 attacks isn't that much. Yeah, I know the feel. I've been taken down by someone nearly 10 times my size. You have to realize that your anger is making them think you're an easier, softer target. Know what you do? You hit BACK. People don't like it when their farms hit back. Use attack potions if you want to succeed. Keep your other two friends on him at all times. Hit in spies to drain his spies and pots.
  6. what i love about this thread is, OP probally even more butthurt after the responce he got 
  7. Moose, that was just plain asshattery. First, there's no need to quote EVERY. SINGLE. SENTENCE. Second, try being a helpful player and suggesting how he could avenge himself and his friends. Christ, how the hell did you get mod?
  8. Op 6/6/9 stl np. Just wish I had the names of all his butt hurt little friends XD
  9. I like how his losses are 404.
  10. I hope it's a little kid beating a grown man to have him whine like this. 
  11. I have a little more than 8.5 CS
    You Spammed my wall with profanity. (LOL) Mess with bull, you get the farm.

    P.S. What success you speak of??? I posted all your win/loss on my wall for all to see.

    Cry Me a River.
  12. 5 mil stats in 3 months? That's impressive

    But farming is NOT bullying it's called having fun in a war game

    And finally if u were spamming his wal u were rightfully silenced
  13. I cant even read the whole thing. KaW is filled with pussies
  14. Op, did a scorpion sting you in the ass recently?
  15. Wow, I thought that was censored... Lol.
  16. Equipment are like pots. They don't have an effect on who you can and can't attack. If you get all the equipment and then kill most of your buildings you could have a field day farming noobs.
  17. 5mil cs, your lucky if you 1.5mil cs, lmao serious noob rage 
  18. Marked for HTSS Humor Section.
  19. @NoClue in fact, you could probably just get the arm plate and drop to 300/300/150/150.
  20. Tl;Dr though I get the point of what you're saying, you're a little butthurt noob crying about all EB warriors cry about, being farmed in a war game, boohoo go fight back suck it up and lock this whinny thread
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