5th Anniversary Celebration

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Congrats Kaw
  2. Will it affect in wars ? for double regenaration
  3. Increased regen rate should be permanent in wars for bigger fun
  4. or as mith spell for wars only
  5. Pretty much screwing over pure spies for war?
  6. that's why i felt troop regen was fast 
  7. Should stay like this faster regain more HTE and more gold
  8. Yes, it will :)
  9. Thanks for everything kaw_community appreciated greatly
  10. Gonna b fun wars
  12. Must say nice work Devs/Kaw community. Nice to see some positive well thought out and fresh ideas, implemented well.
    Having said that Let's not all jump up and down and clap too hard just yet still lots to fix/sort out but a good start and some great work

  13. thank you devs. Has been a great celebration. *Thumbs up*
  14. Is this regen thing going to be in for the wars?
  15. Thanks Devs, you guys really made this week really fun and enjoyable

    @All the Complainers: Seriously Shut Up the devs listened to some of our ideas, We got a day of lowered prices for SoD's and Horns, we had a day of 50% returns on buildings, They even gave us bonus war mithril!! And threw in a firework bonus along with an amazing bonus of 100% Plunder
    Your reasons to compain suck so stay quiet :p Happy Kawing
  16. Yeah i agree. This has been one of the better events thus far
  17. Probably the best event you've done, this could just be a sample of what they could do for login rewards
  18. So, is it regen in 2.5 mins or just double the troops/spies in 5minutes