52 Year Long Drought Over!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Filthy_Maggot, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Too drunk and excited to make this long winded.

    Just wanted to say I have been a Cleveland sport fan since I could remember and we Finally-Fricken-Won and Championship!!


    Go Cleveland Cavaliers!!!!
  2. Bandwagon fan
  3. Warrior fan
  4. Nah hate warriors
  5. Tennis fan
  6. Congratz Cavs, you guys deserve it :) Suns fan here since the day i learnt the teams name, we had a fairly poor season this year tho lol
  7. Ball is life @mink
  8. What a season & postseason! records beat all over the place, blowouts all thru the post, will we see a continued effort to follow this up next year or was this year just a temporary peak from a few good teams? Can't wait for next season :)
  9. Whole game is a government conspiracy for publicity warriors would've won
  10. Grats Cleveland NBA officials.
  11. Been a faithful Cavs fan since Game 7.
  12. You know, the bucks beat golden state too
  13. all da salty warrior fans tho
  14. Lakers here come all the bandwagoners 
  15. Go Bucks!
  16. catfish

  17. Mavericks FTW
  18. Now if the Indians & the Browns could pull their heads outta the sand,we might get rid of that "mistake by the lake," nickname. One day...... :)
  19. More like 1 week.... Didn't the AHL team just bring home the championship trophy? And swept 4-0? Hockey >