5 things that suck

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  1. So alot of things have changed in kaw over the years but there are somethings that simply drive me crazy sooooo.. incoming forum post.

    Im gonna number things to stay on track so if you are bad at math just read the words.

    1. The PS1
    "PS1 looking for war". This is the dumbest term ever coined in kaw. It is in itself a paradox. How can you be a Pure Spy if you have 1 attack building?? Its too baffling to even shake my head at. Oh and by the way.. this build has been around forever and its called a Hansel. Look it up. And if you call a bc spy build with 46mil attack a Hansel.. well you still arent getting it.

    2. Eventervals
    Ok. Everyone has complained about the amount of events so theres not a whole lot of new here. But i really dont mind the events, the great rewards, the extremely stacked equipment that puts everything else you have ever painstakingly upgraded to shame. What I do mind is that there is a new one starting up just as quick as the Devs can "find and replace" what ever lame things we have to collect. This last one with the bear pelts literally had 2 lines of story line to it. But again its not the stories.. its the eventervals. How bout one event per month? Or one every six weeks? Maybe some of these OSW targets would actually hit back then. Maybe.

    3. PSWCD
    Or.. Post Strip World Chat Denial.
    So you just got Harbed for 13T and the best thing u can come up with is to go into world chat and start denying that it was that bad... or flinging unrelated insults at your enemies in an attempt to distract from the merciless pounding you just received. Nobody is buying it. Its just making your butthurt look worse so just do yourself a favor and STOP IT! Oh and dont pop the hide ally spell after you been stripped.. its just sad. #OwnIt

    4. FFA War
    I will admit that i am speaking somewhat ignorantly on this one as I have never been in a FFA war, but the whole concept to me sounds rediculous. FFA is for items when your rich clannie drops a seal and then everyone is like woooo! FFA war is like.. yeah i wanna join a war where nobody cares who wins. Its the old Vanquished Paladin menatlity where you get some kinda lame participation trophy. If you are gonna war here is a tip.. Try to win it! If you cant ever seem to win please see my other thread "How to lose 15 wars in a row and enjoy it"

    5. I can see back 6 minutes in world chat
    Ads Ads Ads! Thats what everyone used to complain about. Hell we even got the mods to start silencing people for too many ads cuz we couldnt keep a convo in sight. Now its so slow i can go unload on someone and come back and i dont even have to scroll up to see the last thing said. Some might say that an increase in daily speaker allowance would help or blah blah blah.. but i dont care. I just miss the old WC...having to hurry to see if IMF noticed me saying hi with a little emoji hand. Or watching my ad dissapear in half a second. Or watching Mercs Legion running rampant.

    Now im not just here to complain. Theres still lots of things i love about kaw and all you peeps. But that will have to wait for another time.
  2. #1 baffles me too. Why is it so hard to just do anything else besides include pure? Heck, spy1 is one character larger and is much clearer.

    Personally I disagree with all the complaining about events. The whole community complains about the disparity between the spenders and the free to play guys, well events are set up PERFECTLY to help the little guy. What's 5 tril every 2 weeks to a 300mcs player? Half an upgrade? They make more in the span of the two weeks. What's 5 tril to a 30mcs player? I don't know like 3 lands with buildings completely upgraded. That's a big difference. I think events should pick up exactly 24 hours after the previous one ends. In fact, I hate the Zta after events because it completely ruins all the progress made in bridging the divide with the event
  3. Old wc was the best yo, this games wc is now like gaw or fc (it's lame now)
  4. FFA war is not as fun war. FFA war is a good way to save Xtals. If you war long enough you will notice that some group have super human capability on stealing or attacking. I saw few times some PS1 steal so fast it didn't even register to my nf after all gold out. I attack a ps1 three times when it Xtal. Before I can switch to marketplace to bank all gold gone. My news feed registered 89 incs in less than a second. I don't care how fast or latest your device is. You still have to scroll on CR number. Load taget and steal. This is how pathetic game had become. I don't blame FFA players. They are regular players who tried to have fun on the game. They know if they try against this big groups of PS1 and Hybrid. They have no chance of winning. I play FFA as TPS just to screw them. I hide my ally 24/7 so not get stripped. The less I give them action when I match them the less they get items. I encourage those want to play FFA to build Tower Pure Spy naked or hide ally 24/7. Only way to screw those wannabe warriors who does not know how to play fair.
  5. Drive u crazy? M8 not everything has to be as you say.
    Ps1 lf war? It has become a standard.. U can complain about any term u want being stupid..farming,stripping etc etc

    FFA wars...as u say u have no idea what u are talking about so no need to comment #ffa4lyfe

    The event thing I support and can't remember what the rest of the post waz about so...
  6. All good points
  7. The term being the standard doesn't change the fact that it's an oxymoronic term. You can't be a pure spy if you have a troop building.

    H1 would work perfect to describe a Hansel with one attack building if you're looking to shorthand.
  8. I was really expecting vacuums. Pleasantly surprised.
  9. 1 is wrong. A hansel can have 45M attack now :roll: . A hansel is more than 75% of your buildings have to be Spy buildings. So technically.... You could have 24 OR attack buildings if every other land had a spy building on it and still be in hansel mechanics. Yeet.
  10. Things that drive me crazy

    1. People who don't war, yet still complain about the term ps1 and criticize ffa wars
  11. lel I'm a ps1 looking for ffa war. hmu
  12. Pure spy with the exception of one attack building....ps1 is a little easier that pswteooab

    But that's just me
  14. That's called teamwork and good reflex.Whenever we see someone has gold out we immediately call in cc,89 incs in a minute is easy,2 secs per steal.U can get upto 150 steal incs when ur oppo ps1 r in plunder mode if u have sufficient gold to get plundered lol
  15. Somebody's Hangry๎’๎’๎’
  16. Bring back who is silenced on WC.
  17. What about Post Strip Denial?

    When you take 20% off somebody, claim you took 100%, then make fun of the enemy for "post strip world chat denial".
  18. Very serious problem
  19. It's called a Hansel if it has an attack building PURE SPY means purely spy buildings ONLY