4th of July Promo!

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  1. Happy 4th of July to all our players!

    To celebrate this occasion we're running a special promo! From 12PM PST today, July 4th, until 12PM PST tomorrow, July 5th, all premium EBs (including The Netherking) will give 100% more plunder! In addition, Health Crystal limit will be disabled for the duration of this promo!

    Enjoy the promo and do not get startled by the fireworks!

  2. No anniversary chest like last year?
  3. Would like to know the same thing
  4. ^
  5. No KaW update for 6 weeks.
  6. Give us celebration chests and extend promo! We celebrate 4th of July, then we can promo
    When it’s over. Why make a 1 day promo when most of us are busy??
  7. Celebration chests?
  8. Celebration chest please
  9. ^^^ celebration chests please
  10. RIP my Crux chest And my Seal, Promo Plunder in HTE Is the Same 
  11. No celebration chests?
  12. So.. Celebration Chests please?
  13. Where are the celebration chests and the fireworks? Come on devs, y’all are getting worse than lame!!!
  14. Promo began at noon, your post here was at 11:26am.
  15. 24 hours was definitely sufficient. Ty.
  16. do this in the middle of the week for a day? outside of payday?....#notbestforbuisness. might want to get feedback from time to time from the community. we might vote on your best dollar 2.