4th clan chat "knight+" only

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  1. I think we should have a special chat for knights and above, clan roles, to help manage epic battles and wars easier so those that can start one you can still talk with a smaller chance of losing the important "admin only" clan information
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    This idea is new and has not ever been requested before! I endorse this idea.
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    This could replace 3rd party chat rooms for admins. I hate those separate chat rooms.
    Also, It should be allowed for warlord to decide which roles are allowed in the chat.
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    Thats a good idea I support
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    No support
  8. Sure....i think it could be an effective tool for communicating
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    Support, a good clan mod chat system would benefit the game.
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  11. You do not understand the importance of particular peices from admins towards other admins

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    It's not necessary though, that's what the clan chat is for. If you don't want to use that or if you don't think that's effective then download kik or line, they work good and it's the same thing you're talking about
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    the point of this is clan chat does not stay forever and the parts that need to be relayed between just admins are currently either done through a third party application or with private messages which take some time to send to all of your clan's admins one at a time
  15. Support good idea
  16. Support even though old idea
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    Yeah like a month ago when I posted about it lol but hey I still think it should be done. Devs said in my forum they are already in the works with something to update chat as well so maybe they will add it in.
  18. Support! heck, just replace ally chat with Admin chat. noone uses ally chat anyways, and those who do- still dont really need it for anything. PM is a far more efficient method... how easy it is to miss seein your owner and allies in AC
  19. you know replacing th ally chat is acceptable with me