4 Words-GAME

Discussion in 'Activities' started by ProviingAPoint, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Okay,write the saddest story you can come up with in 4 words.
    Mine->My weed is finished.
  2. You made another thread...
  3. Prime has no gifs

  4. I know that feel
  5. Eminem is retired now.
  6. And 2pac is lost
  7. Chris Kamara retired commentating
  8. this thread
  9. Your stupid, pathetic stats/life.
  10. Just had to xD
  11. I like how stats and life are aside each other.

    It's as if you think your online gaming is your real life.

    Not pathetic at all.

    ay lmao
  12. I added in stats so it wouldn't have been so savage :(
  13. That's cool.

    Anyway, keep hitting those ebs you winner and tell me what tier your rewards are, you alpha :lol:
  14. more than 4 words....

  15. I'll introduce you to some of my alts ;)
  16. oh no anything but that, please.

    I'll lose my place in the top 10


    edit:what's with the follow?
  17. I am quitting kaw

    True story

    This games gotten terrible

    Theres u another 4
  18. Spilled coffee. Dad's obituary.