3rd Annual All Star War Signups

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by admin, Sep 18, 2012.

    Thanks for that timely information regarding lowercase for us who werent involved last year
    Computer counted? Who wouldve thunk it?
  2. Yes please 
  3. Original post has been updated with our current registration count.
  4. KaW- sorry about the multiple registrations! I kept getting ERROR messages when trying to post. You had one busy wall! I didn't think they were getting thru so I kept trying...
  5. Filled up pretty fast!
  6. Ill sign up
  7. Wow 2200 I thought there'd be more
  8. Thanks devs I was busy and was only able to get on for a second at 5:45 an send a quick feedback. But then got back on now to see u guys couldn't make up ur damn minds and changed signup method for the 3rd time.Guess I'll be missing out on this ASW.
  9. exactly how and where to go to sign up for this war please wall me a response
  10. Damn already 2200 applications 
  11. If you posted "#ASW 2012" does that count?
  13. Anyone else impulse checking if rosters are up lol?
  14. Lol GREAT, yes I am
  15. Gorilla you ain't lol I'm the one who is going to win lmao
  16. WarGorrila i think you signed up a minute early and after that you spammed the KaW wall with another post i would say that is not good. But wish you good luck in the sign up.
  17. From what I read about the sign ups from last year wargorilla I would say that space screwed you over but I'm not sure if devs changed that or not: