3rd Annual All Star War Annoucement

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by admin, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Be glad you guys had a week to wait last year is wasn't announced like this.
  2. Due to players spamming BEFORE sign up date, 5 hours is AFTER it, although it may not be, it's the only option I see this close in
  3. Hiya Sweetie. I hope you are in my team. :)

    Hiya Froggie 
  4. GMT is only 7hrs difference to Singapore ATM I believe? So 2am sing??
  5. First page states 3AM SGT
  6. Thanks Watery, was just reading the page before and said 5.5hrs to go so 3am it is. Cheers.
  7. Take a deep breath and relax children still a few hours to go.
  8. Good luck to everyone that's makes it into the ASW it's on a bad weekend for me though ugh 3 years now I've missed it somehow I just don't think I'm meant to join in the ASW 
  9. Finally, I'm well within rank this time :lol:
  10. omg malestone didn't hope for me to be on his team
  11. Is the feedback the way to sign up ? Or is there a new system in place ?
  12. Gonna put my name in the. Hat,hopefully I get in
  13. The method to signup is yet to be released.

    I suspect they will wait till last minute to release the signup method to prevent false starts and people complaining about being left out when they signed up too early.

    Be patient and check this thread at the signup times (posted on page 1)

    Also, rosters should take hours to fill up, so don't panic.

    side note: Correction to war times for BST added to page 1
  14. Froggie, I would love you on my team. Don't worry Miss Piggie might be around too. I'll leave her to errr "frog" handle you okay 
  15. Thanks Wulf.
    Always happy to see you around. :)

    Anyway, it will be announced on WC n this thread. So patience patience patience.

    Alright time for a snooze till 3am. :(
  16. Wulf, I hope you'll be in my team this time too. Can't get enough of you. :)
  17. More than likely they'll announce five to ten minutes before the set time to send feedback, all thanks goes to the idiots that flooded feedback before.
    Because of those, the players with a brain have to keep checking this thread for an update.
  18. still doesn't show my rank & how to aply for ASW
    even none answer my mail or feedback
    its not fair enough for playes
  19.  amen to that panic ! The most efficient way to do it would be to send MSG via pm to the top 10k and sign up via response to that MSG... Because you KNOW the same people who can't read the directions about not spamming feedback are not checking to see if they make the cut
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.