3rd Annual All Star War Annoucement

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by admin, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. lB15: the new method haven't been released yet, as they said, i Will be released closer to sign up date
  2. What do UR stats need to be to be in top 10k
  3. :cry:

    I'm too small.
  4. Can someone pls confirm exactly how we sign up...or will there be another thread before tues
  5. How do I sign up anyway


    dose it mean we sign up by sending a feedback:?: will there be clearer instructions on how to signup when it comes nearer to signup date :?: :?
  7. :| Hopefully next year ill be in it im growing pretty fast..Faster then i thought i would but man I really wont to be in those Annual wars.
  8. Will you have spy scout bug fixed by then? Cannot spy scout shiws victory but no builds of the player and no they havnt used miths.
  9. More Like.

    (EB Whore System War.)

    Only maybe 1k of the top 10k (if that) even war anymore... Though I guess they are all-stars in the devs eyes, since they pump cash through...

    Though you need allies to be in top 10k, and anyone who actually wars regularly, wouldn't have that required amount.

    It'd be nice to see actual war veterans smash it out, but instead it'll end up being the clan that can pin themselves the most, or hit their OSF /Target on the other side.

    Oh well...
  10.  me me me plz 
  11. It's close to sign up date. Any idea wen we will know how to sign up?
  12. Hey devs can you do some wars for the lower people so we can have a chance to shine please 
  13. Time Zones updated on page 1 and KEY added to explain what the time zone initials mean.
    Also added BST as many were confused that GMT is not the same as British time in the summer.

    Hope that helps.

    Remember to check this thread often as we get closer to the sign up date. Instructions on how to sign up will be posted.

    NOTE: I do not know HOW the devs will ask us to sign up or what method (feedback, walls, etc) they will use. Anyone who tells you a method to sign up for this war before this thread is updated is misleading you (intentional or not)

    Happy KAWing
  14. ty wulf for the info
    waiting for kaw_admin to tell us how we apply
  15. Yeah. Sign up might be posted within 24-hours of sign in time. No worries. Everyone has an equal chance.
  16. Sorry. Everyone in top 10,000 has an equal chance lol
  17. Lol @Anarchy.
    Please believe me when I say that you need to be high statted as well as have at least 1T in allies to be on top 1000 of LB.

    We have always used the Ally route to make it into top 5000 of LB. that's the only way there.

    To make it to top 3500, you definitely need to be a T5L1 HLBC
    To make it to top 1000, you definitely need to be T5L2 HLBC
    And to make it to top 200, you need about 1.5T in allies and at least 1/2 of HL needs to be T5L3
  18. Someone does sound like they are butthurt. 
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.