2020: Year of the Doomed, or is it?

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  1. I have made a most fascinating discovery and I would love to share my findings with the fellow players of KaW.

    Everyone lately has been going crazy over the “race war” we are facing, getting into huge arguments about Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is often termed BLM, and although it is a separate movement, some of the motives of BLM are carried over from what Martin Luther King accomplished. Martin Luther King, or MLK was given his own day of celebration, often referred to in spoken language as MILK Day. It is safe to say that those who support BLM will also support MILK Day.

    Coming back to the counterargument, the other side will say that All Lives Matter. No one really abbreviates this one, but if you do, you are left with ALM. Having understood where ALM comes from, some extremists will claim that All Lives Matter, Or Nothing Does. This latest phrase can be easily shortened to OND.

    This brings us to the resolution of this post, put all of the above points together and you are left with ALMOND MILK. Almond Milk in itself is a huge controversy because Almonds cannot produce milk, therefore, how does almond milk exist? ALMOND MILK is a controversy, it is a paradox, it should not exist. It just so happens that all of these recents events are taking place in the year of 2020 which has already been a crazy and devastating year. Some even believe that the world is going to end in 2020 due to some great disaster. The end of the world is not going to be caused by a great natural disaster. The end of the world is going to be caused by ALMOND MILK because it is a paradox and it should not exist! Almond Milk is the reason as to why 2020 is such a terrible year! Please, everyone, let’s band together to put an end to ALMOND MILK and make the last half of 2020 and excellent year!

    Some Random Dude
  2. Sorry buddy but this years almond haul is most likely going to be the biggest yet. I doubt you’ll stop all the almond milk that will follow.
  3. Sorry; I'm highly allergic to almonds.

  4. What about pistachio milk?
  5. Where am I