2020 Winter Tournament

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  1. Says they are working new things for players who enjoy pvp. Season wars over but new ones to come
  2. You know what ya battle list for? Hitting players noob. You don't need wars to attack someone. Unless you want the protection of a cf when war over. Don't cry. They said more for players who like pvp to come. Oh woe is me season wars over. How did you feel before they even came out? You cried bout something else. More than 50% cry about things yet play daily. Everyday something else to complain about. How's this, create your own game and handle the issues cry babies complain to you about. Happy Kawing
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  3. Seasonal wars are important to the core of Kaw and should remain.
  4. Lol someone kiss cheeks alil to hard here 🤣
  5. It is so nice to see the dev answer so many valid concerns here in the past month.

    No wonder everyone is irritable.
    Couldn’t even answer them during the tournament.
    These new devs are pathetic.