2020 Winter Tournament

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  1. When are new lands coming out?
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  2. I honestly don't even think they care anymore the war community died whenever they took away equipment for the leaderboard rewards. It was too easy to obtain because of moles and leaking PS. so rather than fixing the problem, by programming a limit only during wartime the IP address would be hard locked to only service that one account and fixing that stupid broken build. They'd much rather take out the incentive. I mean that's just part of it they killed primals with indi. The community seem to be okay with that as a whole. S5 had more people in it out of all other previous seasons. Clans couldn't exclude anybody based on skill level or a rumor someone heard. A lot of people greatly enjoyed that. A lot of people were able to start warring because of that. Then S6 you completely undo everything and somehow make it worse by introducing lowland Wars. nobody liked them from the start even in the beta. nobody was like oh yeah this is so much better than indi. We put up with it because it was forced down our throats. Why would you make something potentially exclusive and something nobody likes, the premise of your main event of the year. Over something extremely inclusive and widely accepted by the community I don't understand. then you tell us you have no plans of even attempting to support the war community. I highly recommend you rethink that decision. The only reason most of the Leaderboard Players keep up on the leaderboard is to prepare for and do ASW, season Wars, tournaments, and the ever so consistent 2 week war event.
  3. Stop spending on this game can't do weekday seasonal wars now they taken them alway completely this is kingdoms at war we nothing but EB base events this is ridiculous 👎👎👎
  4. ‘At this point there are no plans to run any further war tournaments’ ...
    I’m waiting for the announcement of phasing out Kaw lol Or, which is more likely what is happening now - ATA simply gave up on this game all together and waiting for last spenders to realize it
  5. Seasonal wars are awsome but impossible for most during the work week. I know that ATA devs make enough money to cover weekend tournaments. Come on, don't be so cheap. 10 bucks a seal! Come on. Hire some weekend devs.
  6. Y ending seasonal war u making this game boring 💤💤💤
  7. Again again same timing don't know why they can't rotate such events most biased developers in gaming industry history
  8. Top 20k?

    something went wrong with that heavily.

    we have statless accounts in our roster. Opp roster too.

    what’s up?
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  9. ATA. If they didn't mess up wars I'd be shocked lol.
  10. No heads up for winter war? No advertise? Nothing.
    You dont want to many to participate cause you know ya gonna screw up
  11. Just pull the plug as you dont care
  12. Round 1 matches decent enough only comment really need to stick to top 10k
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  13. Yey pvp. 😍😍😍
  14. Can a stateless acct with no allies be ranked in top 10? According to support it must be, since they got into the warring clan. Simple as that. Denying any possibility of mistake on ATA’s part seems to be new tendency of their copy/paste replies👀
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  15. I looked at WW, realised devs do not care about people outside North America. My decision is to exit all wars.

    Good luck to those in appropriate timezones.

    trial exiting stage right - - - >
  16. Devs don't care about people outside of North America? The war times are mainly while people located in North America are in class or at work, lol.
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  17. Better than middle of the night as for me...
  18. I'd rather lose 2 hours of sleep for a war than have to disappear at any point in time due to prior commitment
  19. Actually I take back what I said because devs do not care. “If we are now dining wars during the weekdays to make sure these go smoothly cause we don’t want to pay our employees I get the weekend. Yet they still accepted people under top 20k. Our first war literally had 3 INACTIVE alts. Like come on how do y’all mess up ever single time. I didn’t come back because I love eb. I also didn’t even know about this stupid event until less than 24 hours. Why was there no announcement? Sure this is not on the same teir as the ASW, but this is a huge event to most of us. I haven’t seen a pvp event in what? 4 years
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  20. Got to love how ATA hasn't addressed the top 20K match up issues. Heck, I'm not top 20k, I was matched. We had statless alts too.

    Nothing ever changes, same old goof ups by ATA.