2019 Summer Tournament

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Lirael, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Where my participant Rewards 
  2. Ya know, some of us dont war for just rewards, but for the competetion of the event. The last few of these "big" wars have been rife with dev errors and pure spies opening for payments in charms. They make the entire experience forgettable, and definantly not worth sacrificing a weekend to the crazy schedule. All star war will be my last try, on more epic fail of a war, ill finnally give up on ee entirely.
  3. Is this even consider as compensation??!! You are just giving out the rewards to the participants! It’s not a compensation!
  4. Some of us put in time to be ready. All we got is a nightmare :(
  5. Exactly. We would’ve gotten most of that anyway. The fair compensation would’ve been top rewards to all semi finalists.
  6. please ban all those who left the clans prematurely and inactive ones  they are traitors! And a big burden for everyone else in the clan for the tournament!
    It can not be that you sign up if you have no time or no desire and so messed up for everyone else
  7. Personally players who reached round 2 should all be rewarded the rewards as if we won the finals. That’s the only way it make sense otherwise we just got mugged, because the players that was knocked out @R1 are more then happy for rematch second bite at a cherry I guess.
  8. Sounds good to me.
  9. We deserve way more than this. Give us victor reward's, yall never give out whats earned when yall mess up special event rewards. PAY UP
  10. Hello ATA Kingdom at Wars, i would like to make my wishes for a good cause. The final summer tournament war has NOT been fought and that still needs to be done if not then the whole summer tournament thing would be pointless. Alot of mistakes miss-haps war cheating foul-play miss-understandings has happened so please reconsider and make corrections to make everything between us the players