2019 Summer Tournament

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  1. Why is this war a 2v2?
  2. This has become a huge waste of time..... wars delayed now this only two people in wars...
  3. Just get rid of these garbo wars anyways, thanks for managing to waste a lot of people’s time and effort
  4. So no one gets the 300 medal prize how lame 
  5. This is pathetic.
  6. What about those that did fight in the semifinals and lost ee, will that be compensated
  7. You didn’t lose anything because you where kicked before the war ended
  8. We got kicked 15 minutes before our two guys had their win! What a waste of time for 75 odd ppl each of four clans to watch their 2v2 war play out and have no finish hours down the line after lock in and the delayed war start. You should have left that as the semifinal result and be done with it. So much time wasted with delays, lock ins. mithril that could not be used, banking gold etc. It ran into times that were no longer convenient for players and now the new timings may not be convenient for those who signed up initially. ATA should compensate those who signed up heavily. It has been such a sham.
  9. Hope Devs dont hive another 1%... perm item This is a Big even, And that dont gonna be a Enough to compensate your's Big error.
  10. I would like to say if i had known b4 what will be the outcome of all this that every effort i made today has come to nothing i would not call my boss and i would go to work today as usual but unfortunately i cannot forsee the future. It is because of you ATA Kingdoms at Wars Devs why i loose a days Payment. 
  11. All warring players have been compensated with:
    5 Health crystals
    300 Silver bars
    150 Deepmine crestplates
    1 Sovereign lion wall
    1 Banner of the sovereign lion
    1 Summer achievement (participant/bronze)
    1 Crux chest
    1 Lotstone
    1 Royal chest key
    1 Royal Deep Forest Box

    Additionally, players who won the first round also received:
    5 additional Health crystals
    300 additional Silver bars
    450 additional Deepmine crestplates
    2 Sovereign tokens
    1 Stone lion - right
  12. Small thing but participation award was to include mith but I did not get any and I saw others in the same situation. Will this be done? Thanks!
  13. I dont recieve any of those rewards!!...
  14. You definitely did, they didn't all get named out in nf though.
  15. Restart the app
  16. Yes i recieve them i just saw it