2019 Summer Tournament

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  1. inactives don't really affect a 75v75 war that much tbh... unless they are top 20 maybe.
    You say it's less about speed and skill now, I disagree on that. It's even more about speed and skill now since you have more actions coming your way.
  2. Poor sports will always find something to whine about.
  3. Always

  4. To think you actually believe what you have posted is probably the saddest thing of this whole event tbh. Did you take into account when the inactive is bigger the akos get bigger the plunder from mids gets bigger everything becomes an uphill battle that is 99.9% IMPOSSIBLE to come back from. You would know this if you did any war ever. But apparently you still found it fitting to post this clownish statement. Imagine the 15 akos leaked during the war. Do you have any idea how much free plunder that is? Not to mention if it’s a hybrid ps1 or ps the amount of gold it leaks is even more stupid.

    Wise up b r u h because yeah that’s a yikes from me.
  5. Need to wake up and make an event that doesn’t just allow people to ruin it for the 99% who actually make time at like 3am to join in and try as hard as they can to just auto lose.

    It’s sad for them the most and a complete joke.

    Prelims needed or else these poop events will just get sadder. 
  6. They don’t care 5th rule states to stay in clan or torn enemy over and player left clan and got replaced back in clan so they break there own rules
  7. Only solution no auto match up in big event , it's not big task , participants vary less , just match up
  8. I had a fun war, lost but it was close and intense. We had 5 or 6 inactives but for 75 person roster its not too bad. I cant complain we just had to be better.
  9. I know some clans that had top 10 cr hansels with no bfa. Got obliterated each x. Solid rip
  10. Sometimes I think about fixing
  11. Couldn’t agree more. That’s why players leave kaw because devs constantly screw up and make players mad by doing things like this.
  12. How does this affect you KOS?

    Sounds a bit salty to me not what I expect from you at all, it was a Great War the closest of all being fair and even match so don't spoil it take the loss and man up. The admin msg said the clan would disband, a player left because of it an easy mistake to make.

    @Dev the community love these wars they're serious fun keenly contested so no dumb ice cream clan names again ty oh so kind.

  13. At risk of sounding like a salty, we had a pure spy that opened up the whole war for the opposition in exchange for charms. It's one thing to take advantage in stripping a PS as part of war statergy but we were put at a serious disadvantage because of the mole in our team.

    What's done is done now and he has been given a shattered sword but I feel this punishment isn't sufficient. I would like to see the devs ban the player and ban the other person who paid him off with charms. Devs need to come down hard on this sort of thing because it keeps happening year on year and instead on a team winning with good strategy ( or luck!) they win by cheating.

    Also give the admins the power to kick those who are leaking deliberately or just inactive for a certain time frame.
  14. So...I do not system war much anymore and participated in this war. Was fun. We lost but it was close. I think it is too easy to blame devs. We didn’t have a tracker and although one person stepped up to Wc, we should have had more than one Wc to manage 75 members.

    At the end of the day it’s the players that take advantage of the system. I believe the devs want to put forth a good product. Everyone has opinions and solutions, but unless you are actually involved in the larger picture of it all it’s easy to have too narrow of a focus.

    Saying that, I agree the ps thing needs to be addressed. It’s a leaky build and way too easy to take advantage of. They were a problem when I warred more and appears to be a problem now.

    Cheers and congrats to whoever wins
  16. Ajax I’m not salty at all Great War just pointing out how devs break there own rules bud but ban other players for breaking rules sad day to see game the way it is gl rest of tourney
  17. We had a ps open up repearedly for charms. Gave up over 700 attks. Rip season wars, not changing my work schedule for this crap anymore.
  18. Hey. Hopefully you are fixing the issue that our entire roster can’t participate in war? Please give feedback fast. Thanks
  19. We should of had longer then 45 min to 1 hour to prepare. Otherwise it was alot of fun ♡