2019 Summer Tournament

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Lirael, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Please do not allow ps in seasonal war thanks
  2. Right as I take a vacation. Awesome.
  3. I agree no ps pls
  4. Petition to ban PS from casting, every ASW there’s a strip, last spring war there was a strip. I literally know people who are actively searching for PS that frequently war to SS allies before going into this summer war. Stripping is not a war strategy, it’s just foul play and severally effects wars of this magnitude
  5. Change the ko colours back to red and green. No clue why you made it all red. Stupid idea
  6. stripping isnt a war strategy

    so many tears and matchups havent even happened yet :lol:
  7. Why change times from last season. Lots can’t accomodate the change of times. Not alll live in USA
  8. Weird timing for wars. Can’t believe it but i still prefer last time hours.
  9. When system wars were released, before pwars took off, stripping in war was 100% strategy. Then again those were 24/48hr wars. Like actual wars. Not these 2 hour pvp rewards wars we have now. I say keep the PS and make summer wars 24hr.
  10. I’ve never seen something more stupid said in my entire life
  11. Can I cast two if active on both? Only becomes an issue if we match in war? My size doesnt make an issue and can help fill up roster. Also my size is destined to fail bomb tops all war
  12. Oh god lord help us all
  13. 1 account cast per person...
  14. The amount of crying about stuff on this thread is hilarious. The entitled generation do make me laugh
  15. Is the summer tournament sponsored by Tasty?
  16. Sponsored by Lirael and ATA's favourite ice cream flavours :D
  17. We could use some admins in war clans @winston
  18. You poor girl. So dramatic. Your right let's keep zero risk wars where the top dollar is protected and everyone get a sticker. I always forget why all the actual PVPers quit kaw. Thanks for reminding me.

    Edit: nvm I just saw your stats now I get why you dont want strips in wars you might get stripped and lose all that top dollar power. So of course kaw not protecting your hard earned cash would make you think strips are the stipudest thing you have EVER heard in your life.
  19. What a joke of an event. Even worse than the last because nothing has been done to prevent or weed out the inactive garbage that just leaks the wars away.

    It’s now less about the speed and skill of the players and ALL about the rng to get the least amount of inactive heaps of trash on your team.

    You NEED to add in prelim events to weed out the garbage in these wars. It’s too big an event with too many people trying super hard to just be decided by the inactives in your roster.

    Such a waste...
  20. This