2019 Summer Tournament

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Lirael, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Unfortunately you will only have the summer tournament emoji. We wanted to have them stack originally, but players would long names would be cut off in chat :(
  2. Such an awkward time for final round, why so early ?
  3. @ATA It's always been top 10k for a reason...
  4. For those chasing t100/50/10 for current event what do we do? Losing out on possibly 3 days worth of chasing for this summer war .-.
  5. Saturday time is not good for me because i would still be working until 22:00. Why dont kaw make the war times the same again like the last spring wars 2019? Now i cannot participate in this one because of bad timings...
  6. If you're working at 10pm it seems you're an extreme example. Some times will be good and others will be bad. That's the fairest way they can do it. Unless they cater to only USA and Canada it's hard to make the times the same and keep it fair.
  7. Please please bring back the REd and Green colors for ko’s during wars. It is so much easier to distinguish kos this way.
  8. The only way i can participate in especially Saturday war is unless i dont go to work, call my boss and tell him LIES!! that i am sick and kaw aint gonna literally pay me for Saturday.:( that time is definitely not good for me. That war should be at 23:00 instead of 20:00:(
  9. Anyone know what stats top 20k is? It’s really hard to get into these wars if I don’t have numbers to actually chase...
  10. Go to leader board, it will show your overall rank.
  11. Thanks Lirael for responding. I am a perfect example of players with long name, my name with the spring emoji is sometimes cut off so am pretty sure others would not mind if their names are cut due to stack emoji. Come on, it would be awesome and a rarity to see someone with all the emoji. Such pride and joy for any player.
  12. Or let people chose which emoji they have on their name
  13. It’s not that deep chill.. 
  14. I want to sign up. Where do I sign up at? Thanks!
  15. Why not show what the losers get like in spring war
  16. Itll probably do that when the legend comes, like spring war
  17. Is Wave of Conflict cast to join??
  18. Yes, cast woc to join
  19. Thrown, I cast, thank you very much! 
  20. Glad to hear it, good luck in war!